Reverse engineering

Kali Linux: Top 8 tools for reverse engineering

These Kali Linux tools are great for offensive and defensive cybersecurity.

Stacks and Heap

Memory is a crucial resource for any system when conducting reverse engineering. Malware analysts must understand the way memory is assigned to a program.

Top 8 reverse engineering tools for cyber security professionals [updated 2021]

Whether it is rebuilding a car engine or diagramming a sentence, people can learn about many things simply by taking them apart and putting them back togethe

Arrays, Structs and Linked Lists

Reverse engineering is the practice of analyzing a software system, either in whole or in part, to extract design and implementation information 1. This arti

Reverse engineering obfuscated assemblies [updated 2019]

In previous articles that talked about .NET reverse engineering, we covered almost every aspect of reversing .NET assemblies, we explained how this kind of b

Crack Me Challenge Part 4 [Updated 2019]

First we must take a look at the following piece of code that will be presented in the code segment 5: 004017FC |. B8 40000000 mov eax,40 [pkadzone zone="ma

Writing windows kernel mode driver [Updated 2019]

In this tutorial, we're going to use the Windows Driver Mode (WDM) which provides us greater flexibility than other modes while being harder to use. We'll ta

Assembly programming with Visual Studio.NET

MASM is maintained by Microsoft and is an x86 assembler that consumes Windows and Intel syntax to produce a COFF executable. It is compatible for both 16 bit

The basics of IDA pro

IDA Pro is the best disassembler in the business. Although it costs a lot, there's still a free version available. I downloaded IDA Pro 6.2 limited edition,

Reverse engineering tools

First, we're going to describe the process of compiling/assembling a source code to an executable file. This is very important, so we need to understand it w