Activate pre-built training programs & campaigns

Running an effective and engaging security awareness program doesn’t have to be hard. Launch your next training campaign with a few simple clicks.

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Program plans

Quickly launch and manage your organization-wide security awareness program, including simulated phishing campaigns and training for all cybersecurity topics recommended by NIST.

Infosec IQ program plans provide recommended training tracks that run in quarterly, twelve-month or 24-month periods. Program plans can also be customized to match your industry, employee roles and training timeline.

Campaign kits

Keep employees engaged in cybersecurity year-round with pre-built campaign kits. Our awareness campaigns supplement your compliance-based training program with entertaining training modules, eye-catching posters, a suite of training resources and a playbook to construct a multi-month campaign.

Select your favorite Infosec IQ campaign kit and build a culture of security at your organization.


Communication tools

Whether you’re engaging employees with training resources or persuading the executive team to approve your next training campaign, you need a communication strategy to get it done.

Use our pre-built training notifications, newsletters and communication plans to effectively communicate your program roadmap, training process and results.

Training posters, infographics & banners

Supplement training modules with posters, infographics and digital displays. Choose from our selection of themed training resources to deliver consistent messaging and reinforce cybersecurity best practices.

Hang posters in common areas, provide infographics as a supplemental training resource and add digital banners to your organization’s intranet or corporate newsletter to keep cybersecurity on every employee’s radar.