Save time while achieving your security objectives with Infosec IQ Managed Services

Leverage our Certified Security Awareness Practitioners’ expert-level knowledge and skills to build and execute your entire security awareness training program—so you can see results sooner and focus on your other strategic priorities. 

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Our Managed Services Offering

Don’t have the time or the resources to kickstart a security awareness training program, let alone the time to manage it effectively throughout the year? We can help! 

Our managed services offering will save you time by executing a training program to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity culture, all while meeting your business objectives. 

On day one, you will partner with your client success manager to build and execute your entire security awareness training program. This comprehensive training program is built using customer-proven settings and will provide your employees with ongoing education to ensure your organization is more secure and cyber-resilient. By allocating the work to our team of experts, you will start seeing results sooner, all while focusing on your other strategic security initiatives. 

How does Managed Services differ?

  Managed Services Customer-ran Program
Dedicated client success manager (CSM) 
Phishing-risk assessment launched by your CSM   
12-month security awareness program built by your CSM   
Custom reports curated by your CSM   
Quarterly business reviews 
Monthly program impact assessment   

What's included

Phishing risk assessment

We assess your organization’s current susceptibility rate by conducting a baseline phishing risk assessment at the start of your program. This data will help measure and track the success of your program and show the return on the investment made by your organization. 

Execute a 12-month training plan.

After establishing your organization’s baseline phishing rate, your client success manager will build and execute a 12-month training program that covers the key cybersecurity topics recommended by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Your employees will receive monthly training, including a video, matching assessment, and simulated phishing tests. Our data has shown that training employees monthly can sharpen their cybersecurity skills quicker and help reduce the number of security events. 

Monthly assessments of program impact.

Your client success manager will review and share your program’s process monthly using our advanced reporting tools. These tools can identify at-risk groups based on employee and department risk scores, enabling us to modify training for that group. You will also receive monthly reporting emails that will contain the following: 

  • Executive-level metrics curated for your leadership team to provide updates, prove the success of your training efforts and highlight potential risks. 
  • Simulated phishing and awareness training metrics to show progress and compare performance against industry benchmarks in a single view. 
  • Employee behavior metrics to better understand your workforce’s strengths and vulnerabilities. 

Custom Reporting

We will create and provide custom reports that include key data and metrics that show the return on investment to your stakeholders. These reports can be sent automatically to the defined audiences weekly or monthly. 

Dedicated Support

On day one, you’ll be assigned a dedicated client success manager and implementation specialist to ensure a successful launch of your program. After launch, your client success manager will be your point person in managing your entire security awareness training program. They will meet with you regularly to share program results and make suggestions to improve employee behaviors and your organization’s cybersecurity culture.


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