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With Infosec Self-Paced Training, you can easily fit training into your busy schedule. These instructor-guided courses are available on-demand, whenever you want to access them. Plus, with open enrollment, you can get started whenever is best for you. We offer courses for all stages of your career, from the cybersecurity beginner kickstarting their career to the advanced professional ready to take the next step. Achieve your goals at your pace with Infosec Self-Paced Training.

The blueprint that will lead you to success in your career

Infosec Self-paced Training is engineered to accommodate your busy schedule while providing a high-quality learning experience. With open enrollment, you have the freedom to start training whenever it suits you. Complete your training and obtain your certification at your own pace with extended course access.


Self-paced, instructor-guided course materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Exam voucher included

An easy way to redeem your voucher and take the exam.

Expert support

Asynchronous instructor assistance and a dedicated student advisory team give you the guidance you need to pass the exam.

Self-Paced Training that works with your schedule

Infosec Self-paced Training fits into your schedule without sacrificing Infosec’s industry-leading education.  


  • Like our boot camps, these courses are geared toward preparing you to earn your certification. Participants receive an exam voucher with the cost of their course.  


  • Like our Infosec Skills platform, these courses are on-demand. You can access this training anytime, anywhere. It flows seamlessly into your schedule without you needing to take time off of work.  

How does the Self-Paced Training work?

What's included in an Infosec Self-Paced Training Course?

  • icon Instructor-guided, certification-focused training course on-demand
  • icon Exam voucher included (most courses)
  • icon Asynchronous instructor assistance and a dedicated student advisory team
  • icon Discussion area
  • icon Quizzes, midterms, and final course exams
  • icon Extended access to course materials
  • icon Unlimited practice exam attempts
  • icon Hands-on labs and cyber ranges (course dependent)
  • icon Exam retake (course dependent)

Award-winning training you can trust

How learning cybersecurity online works

  • Infosec Self-Paced Training courses are entirely online. When students enroll, they will create an account on the training platform. That will allow them to access their training content anywhere, anytime.


  • Expert instructors have carefully curated the learning journey. Students can also receive instructor assistance by asking questions in a 24-hour forum.


  • Training modules will appear in the order in which they are taken.

How does the enrollment process work?

  • The enrollment process begins when a prospective student fills out a form. They are then connected to one of our sales reps, who will help students determine the right course for them. They will discuss training needs, and they will share course quotes and payment plans.


  • Once the student is registered, they will be sent any necessary course materials and can begin their course.

Enroll and get expert training anytime, from anywhere.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if cybersecurity is right for me?

Do you want a career in the technology industry that helps make the world a better, safer place? Then cybersecurity is for you! The industry is both lucrative and rewarding. You can protect organizations from cyber attacks, saving valuable data from getting into the wrong hands. There are many different roles in cybersecurity that you can explore.

I'm new to cybersecurity. Which online self-paced course should I take first?

You should start with the more introductory courses. CompTIA Security+ is a great place to start, as is ITIL v4, Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Network+.

How long does it take to complete a self-paced cybersecurity course?

These courses are taken at your own pace, and therefore the time to complete them varies. Courses typically take 1-3 months to complete.

What is the difference between Infosec Self-Paced Training and Infosec Skills?

Though both offer training on-demand, the two training solutions are different.

  • Infosec Self-Paced Training is a certification-focused course. It offers exam vouchers and ends when students complete the course.
  • Infosec Skills is a subscription service for ongoing training. Though there is certification training, it prioritizes upskilling and role-based training.

More cybersecurity training solutions

No matter how you want cybersecurity training, Infosec has you covered. We offer several training modalities that match whatever works best for your learning style and schedule, including both short and long-term boot camps and our Infosec Skills subscription service. Whether you are preparing for a certification or want to upskill, we have an option for you.