Report on training success & prove compliance

Security awareness training improves employee behaviors and reduces your organization’s risk. We’ll help you prove it. Use pre-built dashboards to prove compliance, share progress with stakeholders and detect risk before a breach occurs.

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Track results easier than ever

Browse our library of reporting dashboards and surface your most impactful data in seconds. Want to share results with executives and stakeholders? Deliver personalized dashboards filtered by learner group, department and more, to get the right data to the right people, automatically.

Infosec IQ makes it easy to track progress and training compliance using pre-built dashboards or customize your reports and data visualizations to display your most important data, your way.

Measure your security culture

We took the guesswork out of measuring and tracking your cybersecurity culture so you can focus on improving your security strategy and sustaining success.

Deliver the Cybersecurity Culture Survey to measure your employees’ attitudes and perceptions towards cybersecurity and your training efforts. Infosec IQ automatically scores your security culture across five domains, making it easy to evaluate your cybersecurity practices against employee sentiments and easily track improvement over time.

Assess security risk & lesson retention

Measure security aptitude and lesson retention at the employee level with learner assessments. Assessments help you establish baseline comprehension and uncover knowledge gaps so you can identify employees who need additional training and those ahead of the curve.

Choose from dozens of pre-built assessments, make questions adaptive to match assessment difficulty to each employee’s knowledge level or custom-build assessments to measure comprehension of topics and policies most important to your organization.

Personalize training with learner analytics

One-size-fits-all training doesn’t work. Infosec IQ tracks each employee’s training course performance and phishing simulation activity to identify their security strengths, weaknesses and assign a learner grade to predict susceptibility.

With learner analytics, you can assign personalized training when employees don’t complete a training course, score poorly on an assessment or fall below your risk tolerance to automatically educate the employees who need it most.