Together we’ll put cybercriminals out of business.

Infosec’s mission is to put people at the center of cybersecurity. As the leading cybersecurity training company, we help IT and security professionals advance their careers with skills development and certifications while empowering all employees with security awareness and phishing training to stay cyber safe at work and home.

Through role-guided security training, our platforms — Infosec IQ, Infosec Skills and Infosec Skills Live Boot Camps — help individuals and organizations protect their data, mitigate risk and empower employees.

Infosec at a glance

70% of Fortune 500

have trained staff with Infosec Skills

5 million learners

more cyber-safe at work & home from Infosec IQ

11,000 security pros

trained every year

185 countries

with Infosec students

170+ employees

dedicated to fighting cybercrime

18 years

experience & profitability

Our story

The story of Infosec started the old-fashioned way: a book written by our founder. The popularity of The Shellcoder’s Handbook drove interest and necessary awareness of ethical hacking and software vulnerabilities — a new and taboo topic at the time. The interest led to multiple requests to teach boot camps on the software exploits covered in the book.

In 2004, taking learnings from teaching cyber professionals in the field, the Infosec team reinvented how cybersecurity training software looked. Our goal was to breathe life into the stale security awareness and technical team training through hands-on learning elements proven to improve retention and engagement.

The result? Infosec Skills and Infosec IQ were created, helping organizations mitigate risk with role-guided cyber training for every employee.

Today, Infosec is part of Cengage Group and is the only cyber training provider with role-guided training for the entire workforce.


Giving back to impact our communities

We’re motivated by empowering all individuals with the resources and skills they need to succeed. Through our Infosec Gives and Infosec Gives Partner Program, we contribute a portion of our product, profit and peoples’ time to make lasting impacts in the communities and nonprofits around us.