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Episode 200 extravaganza! Best of the Cyber Work Podcast (and $1,000 in prizes!)

PLEASE NOTE: Around minute 47, I incorrectly say that Eric Milam, author of the definitive report on the BAHAMUT threat group, is employed by HP. He is, in fact, employed by Blackberry. I sincerely apologize to Mr. Milam for the error.

In this special episode, we look back at how the show has evolved over the past three years and celebrate our amazing guests and viewers. You've helped grow the Cyber Work Podcast to nearly a million plays!

To give back, we're launching a brand new way for EVERYONE to build their cybersecurity skills. It's free. It's hands-on. Oh, and did we mention there's more than $1,000 in prizes EVERY MONTH.

Huge thank you to all the past guests who shared their expertise over the past 200 episodes. The timings of everyone in this episode are listed below. Happy listening!

0:00 - Intro
0:42 - Monthly challenges and $1,000 in prizes!
1:30 - Cyber Work Podcast origins
2:32 - First episode with Leighton Johnson
3:16 - Finding our first guests
3:46 - Keatron Evans on incident response
6:54 - Susan Morrow on two-factor authentication
8:54 - Susan Morrow on GDPR
11:03 - Susan Morrow on "booth babes" and speaking up
13:20 - Alissa Knight on getting arrested for hacking at 17
16:39 - Alissa Knight on API security
19:14 - Ron Gula on cybersecurity challenges
23:23 - Amber Schroader on the real work of digital forensics
26:19 - Theme of the Cyber Work Podcast
27:01 - Jeff Williams on creating the OWASP Top Ten
31:23 - David Balcar on the biggest APTs
33:46 - Elie Bursztein on breaking into cybersecurity
37:37 - Sam King on AppSec frameworks and analysis
41:17 - Gary DeMercurio on getting arrested for red teaming
47:19 - Eric Milam on the BAHAMUT threat group
53:39 - Feedback from Cyber Work Podcast listeners
55:16 - Alyssa Miller on finding your career path
57:24 - Amber Schroader on computer forensics tasks
59:07 - Richard Ford on malware analyst careers
1:02:02 - Career action you can take today
1:02:19 - Rita Gurevich on reading and learning
1:03:20 - Snehal Antani on transitioning careers
1:04:26 - Promoting underrepresented voices
1:05:09 - Mari Galloway on women in cybersecurity
1:05:31 - Alyssa Miller on diversity "dog whistles"
1:10:11 - Christine Izuakor on creating role models
1:10:52 - We want to hear your story
1:11:40 - Monthly challenges and outro

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