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Social Engineering Defenses

This brief video shows you how to recognize and prevent social engineering attacks.

The Art of Cyber War: Cyber Security

The threat of cyberattack is real, it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn more about cyber protection.

Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

It is imperative that server administrators maintain robust logs of activity on their servers. This module covers the risks associated with improper monitoring.

XML External Entitites (XXE)

This lesson covers how XXE attacks are executed, and how to prevent those attacks on your applications.

A Few Extra Seconds (Lock Screens)

Why you should use lock screens on your devices.

Lost and Found (Encryption)

Why you should use encryption in sensitive environments.

HIPAA Minimum Necessary Standard

This brief video extrapolates on how many people are authorized to access one person's health records.

PHI Policy

This video shows the importance of formulating and implementing organizational policy regarding PHI.

Consequences of PHI Release

This brief video walks the learner through the possible consequences of a PHI breach at your organization.

IoT Security

This interactive module discusses security risks related to Internet of Things (IoT), how connected devices may be attacked, and steps for safe use of IoT.

Incident Response

This module will explore the basics of incident response and the first rules of keeping people and data safe.

Better Together

This micro-learning module presents the concept of two-factor authentication in a delicious way!

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