Manage multiple accounts with global administration

Use Infosec IQ’s multi-tenant solution to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Global administration is perfect for large organizations looking to segment training by division or region or for managed service providers running security awareness training for multiple clients.

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Manage sub-accounts or delegate administration

As a global administrator, you can manage unlimited sub-accounts on your own or assign admin permissions within accounts to delegate training management for specific regions, divisions or clients.

Global administration allows you to keep learners, training campaigns, reporting data and branding separate while leveraging program tools to create management efficiencies across accounts.

Save time with shared training assets

Want to deliver the same training or phishing campaign to multiple sub-accounts? With Infosec IQ, you can build training campaigns, custom phishing tools or an entire curriculum and share them with every sub-account and account administrator.

This saves you time and allows you to scale your managed service offering or internal training program without sacrificing the effectiveness of a sophisticated, layered training program.

Scale your managed service with ease

We made it easy for managed service providers and MSSPs to turn security awareness into their most effective and efficient offering.

With Infosec IQ, you can manage new client deals and delegate learner licenses within the platform to easily onboard new clients and expand existing accounts.

The Infosec difference

Don't just take our word for it. See how our clients use Infosec IQ to globally manage and distribute security awareness training across multiple accounts.

Case study: Managed service provider

Case study: Managed service provider

Learn how one MSP delivers security awareness training to every client to secure their data and protect profitability.

Case study: The State of Kansas

Case study: The State of Kansas

Watch how the State of Kansas offers security awareness training across multiple agencies to keep its employees and citizens cyber secure.

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