Analyze employee-reported emails automatically

Empower your employees to report suspicious emails while keeping your team focused on real security threats with PhishHunter.

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How it works

Automatically identify threats, remove false-positives and launch your response the moment an employee reports an email.

Analyze employee-reported emails

PhishHunter quickly analyzes emails using over 100 anti-malware and suspicious domain scanners to identify real threats and filter out false reports.

Apply custom rules

Build custom rules to assign tags, adjust threat score based on the email header or body and continuously improve your automated threat detection.

Respond to employees automatically

Deliver custom notifications to thank employees when they report a real attack and remind them how to spot phishing attempts if they report spam or benign emails.

Orchestrate incident response

Send malicious messages to your SIEM tool or security inbox, or retrieve emails via our open API to orchestrate your response.

Safely detonate suspicious files

Perform deep analysis of employee-reported attachments by safely detonating suspicious files and revealing malicious intent in a sandbox environment.

Diagnose & classify threats

Want to investigate threats within PhishHunter? Review sanitized versions of reported emails to gather IoCs, classify threats and bolster your threat intelligence.