Meet the team leading our continuous innovation, success and growth.

Leadership team

Andrew Beattie Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie

Director Revenue Operations

Joanna Beer Joanna Beer

Joanna Beer

VP Content - LX Labs

Paige Burdick Blazei Paige Burdick Blazei

Paige Burdick Blazei

Director of Product

Darren Dalasta Darren Dalasta

Darren Dalasta

VP Growth

Jack Ekelof Jack Ekelof

Jack Ekelof

VP Sales

Keatron Evans Keatron Evans

Keatron Evans

Principal Security Researcher

Vince Formanek Vince Formanek

Vince Formanek

Director Client Success

Scott Frederickson Scott Frederickson

Scott Frederickson

Director Customer Experience

John Haushalter John Haushalter

John Haushalter

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Koziol Jack Koziol

Jack Koziol

CEO & Founder

Gabe Krambs Gabe Krambs

Gabe Krambs

VP Software Engineering

Megan Sawle Megan Sawle

Megan Sawle

VP Marketing