Security awareness training built to educate & engage

Turn your employees into one of your greatest assets in the fight against cyber crime. With Infosec IQ, you can educate every employee, stay compliant and inspire behavioral change proven to keep your organization secure.

Comprehensive training made easy

Activate pre-built program plans in a variety of themes and styles to jumpstart awareness and deliver comprehensive training mapped to NIST recommendations.

Choose from gamified education to traditional computer-based training to fit your organization’s existing culture or build a culture of security from the ground up. Programs include training modules, posters, infographics, email templates, presentations and more to help you layer your communication and deliver consistent training for the entire year.

Stay compliant & train for your industry’s top threats

Does your organization have regulatory requirements for security awareness training? Infosec IQ includes industry-specific education mapped to specific standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, FERPA, GDPR and more.

This makes it easy to fulfil your compliance requirements so you can focus your training efforts on building secure habits. Check out our library of compliance modules to see what’s covered.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is cybersecurity awareness training?
    • Cybersecurity awareness training gives employees the knowledge and tools to recognize, avoid and report cyber attacks and security incidents. Also known as security awareness training, this educational curriculum helps keep organizations secure by preparing employees for cyber attacks that make it past your technical controls.

      Cybersecurity awareness training typically includes computer-based training modules covering common attacks and security incidents as well as phishing simulations to train employees to detect and report phishing attacks that reach their inbox.

  • What types of security awareness training materials are most effective?
    • Computer-based training modules are one of the most effective forms of interactive security training due to the ease of distribution and the large variety of materials and topics available to customize education for each employee. In addition to training modules, reinforcement learning tools such as posters, infographics, newsletters and games provide a consistent drum beat of training to help keep security best practices top of mind year-round.

  • Does Infosec IQ support international cybersecurity training?
    • Infosec IQ includes training translated and localized in 34+ languages. In addition to training modules, Infosec IQ includes over 300 international phishing templates and a fully translated and localized learner dashboard to provide the most relevant training for each employee, no matter their language or location.

  • What’s the benefit of industry- and role-based education?
    • Industry- and role-based cybersecurity training for employees ensures your entire workforce is prepared to beat the cyber threats they are most likely to face. As with all forms of education, the more relevant the training content, the more likely learners will stay engaged, retain information and adopt habits required to do their jobs securely and effectively.

  • How can Infosec IQ help me complete my training compliance requirements?
    • Infosec IQ provides an easy-to-use solution to deliver and document security awareness education for every employee. Each Infosec IQ training module is mapped to one of nine core security behaviors outlined in the NIST security awareness and training guidelines. This allows you to track your organization’s compliance score and address gaps in training.

      For organizations with specific compliance requirements, the Infosec IQ content library features dozens of industry- and compliance-based training modules to adhere to training requirements and report the results to stakeholders or auditors.

  • Who manages the Infosec IQ cybersecurity awareness and training platform?
    • Infosec IQ is typically managed by one or more members of an organization’s security or IT team. However, Infosec IQ does not require technical expertise. Training managers and HR staff can easily run a security awareness program using Infosec IQ.

  • How is training content delivered from the Infosec IQ platform?
    • Infosec IQ training courses are emailed to each learner using a unique tracking link. This allows learners to complete training without logging in. However you have the option to authenticate employees before serving training content via single sign-on (SSO).

  • Does Infosec have a partner program allowing me to resell Infosec IQ or manage awareness programs for multiple clients?
    • Yes! Infosec’s channel partner program enables MSPs and resellers to grow their businesses with Infosec IQ security awareness training and Infosec Skills cyber skill training and certification bootcamps. Infosec IQ also includes global administration tools to help MSPs manage multiple client programs at once. Learn more here.

Address every need with custom education

Customize your training program to match your brand, tailor training to your security policy or address unique cybersecurity threats facing your organization. Virtually every training resource in Infosec IQ is customizable, including:

  • Assessments
  • Phishing templates
  • Phishing education
  • Newsletters
  • And more

Are you a managed service provider training across multiple accounts? Add your client’s name and logo to their respective account to deliver security training modules from the organization they know and trust.

Personalize training for every employee

One-size-fits-all security awareness training doesn’t work. Infosec IQ allows you to automatically deliver training tailored to each employee’s role and security aptitude. Learners can review their training and simulated phishing performance from their personalized dashboard and watch recommended training to take an active role in their security education.

Infosec IQ training is accessible for all learners with support for screen readers and other assistive technologies to ensure a consistent and effective training experience for every employee.

Train globally with multi-language support

Deliver the best cybersecurity education to your entire workforce regardless of language or location. Infosec IQ training is built for multinational teams, featuring training content in 34+ languages.

Assign a default language or let each employee choose their preferred language to automatically translate and localize their learner dashboard, training modules, assessments and more. See our full list of languages and supported training content.

Influencing security mindsets and culture