Infosec IQ release: industry benchmarks & department-level dashboard reports

April 11, 2019// Product Announcements

Industry benchmarks are live in Infosec IQ, helping you measure your compliance score and phish rate against industry averages. The new release also adds department filtering to the performance dashboards and improvements to campaign cloning

What’s new in Infosec IQ — Spring 2019

April 8, 2019// Product Announcements

The past three months brought fresh training content, new features and a brand new name to Infosec IQ. In this post, we summarize the biggest additions to Infosec IQ and how you can use them to educate your employees to beat the cybersecurity threats they face.

Infosec IQ release: new modules, tip sheets & assessment enhancements

March 29, 2019// Product Announcements

New training content and assessments are live in Infosec IQ, giving you new ways to keep your security awareness program fresh and measure learner retention of important cybersecurity topics. The new release also includes minor branding updates to reflect the platform’s new name — Infosec IQ.

SecurityIQ Release: Prove Security Training Success with Performance Dashboards

March 14, 2019// Product Announcements

Significant dashboard improvements are live in SecurityIQ, giving you an easier way to track training compliance and phishing susceptibility. The latest SecurityIQ release also includes a test campaign feature, assessment answer randomization and new training modules available via SCORM as a Service.

ISACA Launches Resources for Building Security Awareness Campaigns Inspired by Marketing Principles

March 13, 2019//

The National Cyber Security Alliance Welcomes New Board Members

March 13, 2019// Infosec in the News

‘Knowledge beats the bad guy’: InfoSec’s Jack Koziol

March 13, 2019// Press Releases

InfoSec Institute recognized with two security training awards from Cyber Defense Magazine.

Gold Earned, Win is in Helping Others

February 26, 2019// Press Releases

CEO Jack Koziol takes great satisfaction from empowering others to be better at their own cybersecurity; company earns Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

Security Spills: 9 Problems Causing the Most Stress

February 19, 2019// Infosec in the News

SecurityIQ Release: Multi-Language Previews, Administrative Improvements & SCORM Expansion

February 15, 2019// Product Announcements

New features are live in SecurityIQ, including multi-language module previews, new SCORM as a Service modules and improved campaign and content management options. See what else is new in SecurityIQ!