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Product Announcements

Infosec IQ release: learner dashboards help employees take an active role in their education

October 10, 2019
The latest Infosec IQ release brings phishing metrics to the learner dashboard. In addition to their past and present course work, learners can now view their personal phish rate, email report percentage and review their performance on each simulated email that hits their inbox.
Product Announcements

Infosec Skills release: Team administration and new learning features

October 7, 2019
Team administration has been added to Infosec Skills, as well as two new features to enhance learning paths: hands-on projects and integration with the Infosec Community.
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NAORCA Worldwide and Infosec announce strategic partnership

October 3, 2019
NAORCA and Infosec unrolled a new partnership to provide easy and efficient workforce training programs to help organizations build strong resiliency against cybersecurity attacks.
Product Announcements

What’s new in Infosec IQ — Fall 2019

October 1, 2019
New training content and features are live in the Infosec IQ security awareness and anti-phishing platform, making it easier for you to prepare your employees to beat the cyber threats they face. In this post, we highlight the top additions from the past three months.
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Infosec scholarship winners announced

September 30, 2019
Infosec and CompTIA today announced the winners of the 2019 Infosec Scholarship Program. The program provides scholarships intended for cybersecurity students and aspiring information security professionals.
Product Announcements

Infosec IQ release: new modules and training kits to keep employees engaged

September 27, 2019
New training modules and campaign resources are live in Infosec IQ, including the final modules in the Need to Know training series, additions to the NCSAM Toolkit and a cybersecurity training kit to help poll workers and volunteers stay cyber secure during the upcoming elections.
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Infosec named one of Madison’s ‘Best Places to Work’

September 24, 2019
Infosec has been named one of Madison’s Best Places to Work 2019 by Madison Magazine.
Product Announcements

Infosec Skills release: Skill assessments, custom practice exams and 60 new courses

September 14, 2019
Two new features are live in Infosec Skills — skill assessments and custom certification practice exams — giving you greater insight into your skill gaps and more targeted ways to close those gaps or prepare for your next certification.
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Prebuilt, Layered Campaign Kits Make Security awareness and Training a Low-Effort, High Value Initiative

September 10, 2019
Press Releases

Interwork Partners with Infosec to Provide Security Certification Training Curriculum

September 3, 2019
Interwork Technologies is excited to announce their new partnership with Infosec to deliver our security certification training curriculum. This partnership enables us to distribute a broader range of cybersecurity certification courses and training tools to help your business foster a secure environment.
Product Announcements

Infosec IQ release: new training content, NCSAM resources & global administration upgrades

August 30, 2019
New training modules, posters and our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit are live in Infosec IQ, giving you everything you need to jumpstart employee awareness at your organization. The latest release also includes improvements to global administration and upgrades to the new learner dashboard.
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‘Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast’: Rethinking Security Awareness Training

August 27, 2019

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