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Preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals

Students high school age and younger are getting fast-tracked into cybersecurity. Some are even learning concepts like packet tracing at just six years old, says Victor “Vic” Malloy, an Independent Consultant working with the CyberTexas Foundation as their General Manager. On today's episode, Vic shares his wealth of engaging stories about inspiring young people through the CyberTexas Foundation, getting people of all ages interested in cybersecurity and developing the next generation of the workforce.

Vic earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas and a master’s degree from Webster University. He had multiple assignments over 13 years working in cyberspace security at multiple network operations and security centers in the U.S. Air Force. His last position in the Air Force was overseeing daily cyber operations tasked missions within the AF Cyberspace Operations Center, which was responsible for the cyber defense of all Air Force global networks and the global employment of cyberspace capabilities to support ongoing combat operations. Previously, he served as Chief Information Officer for National Security Agency/Central Security Service in Texas.
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Cyber threat intelligence: Learn to become a cybersecurity tactician

Take a deep dive into the world of cyber threat intelligence with today's guest, Charles DeBeck of IBM’s X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services. Threat intelligence is all about research and storytelling, combining hands-on know-how with analytical thinking skills to make a true cybersecurity tactician! You’re not just preparing for the battle in front of you, but for the waves of attacks you’ll see in the future.

Charles DeBeck is a Strategic Cyber Threat Expert for IBM’s X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services. He’s had a connected passel of job titles that encompasses risk management, risk analysis and vulnerability assessment, all of which have helped him in his current position.
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Offensive or defensive security: Which career is for you?

When it comes to your career, should you go red team, blue team or both? Today's guest is QuoLab Technologies Co-Founder Fabien Dombard, who's had roles ranging from penetration tester to malware incident responder to company founder. Fabien shares share thoughts on the skills, disposition and training needed in both defensive and offensive security roles, as well as tips on why you shouldn't be "networking," you should be "making new friends for the future."

With over a decade of experience working in several diverse positions, as well as experiencing firsthand the evolution of security practices and technologies found around the world today, Fabien Dombard has been an integral part in building his new company, QuoLab Technologies, a developer of a collaborative and threat-driven Security Operations Platform (SOP). Prior to QuoLab, Fabien began working in small shop penetration testing roles in several European nations, and his renowned expertise and work ethic eventually led to him heading the Malware Incident Response Team for Deutsche Bank — one of the largest financial institutions in the world. He then founded QuoScient, located in Frankfurt, Germany, with the aim to reconcile humans and machines in the context of security operations, incident response and threat intelligence, and it is actually where QuoLab spun out from. Fabien is committed in his professional endeavors to reconcile human creativity and intuition with the complexity of information technology in the context of security operations. It was precisely this passion that drew him to conceptualize QuoLab and is what brings focus to him and his team moving forward.
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CompTIA CySA+ certification changes: Everything you need to know

Information security analyst is the fastest growing job category in the U.S., with 32 percent overall growth expected between 2018 and 2028. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn about the updated CompTIA CySA+ certification, which was refreshed in April 2020 to align with the most in-demand skills in this growing field.

Join Patrick Lane, Director of Products at CompTIA, in this audio version of our webinar to learn everything you need to know about the latest CySA+ certification and exam (CS0-002), including evolving security analyst job skills, common job roles for CySA+ holders, tips to pass the updated CySA+ exam and questions from live viewers.
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How COVID-19 is changing phishing, social engineering and security

Individuals and organizations are shifting routines to accommodate Coronavirus health concerns, and bad actors are updating their strategies to capitalize on the new opportunities. Aaron Cockerill, CSO of Lookout, discusses how cybercriminals are looking to cash in or otherwise disrupt organizations during the pandemic, as well how workplace security is evolving with so many individuals now working from home.

Aaron Cockerill joined Lookout with nearly 20 years of software product management experience. As the Chief Strategy Officer, Aaron is responsible for developing, validating and implementing cross-functional strategic product initiatives that align with the Lookout vision of a secure connected world. Most recently, he served as VP of Mobile Technologies at Citrix, where he and his team were responsible for the development of Citrix’s mobile apps and container technology, while driving the acquisition of Zenprise. Prior to working on mobile technologies, Aaron drove the creation of Citrix’s desktop virtualization product, XenDesktop, which grew into more than $1 billion yearly revenue for Citrix during his five years of leadership. Before joining Citrix, Aaron worked for Akamai leading product management on their enterprise content delivery solution as well as working on the development and deployment of many of Akamai’s advanced content delivery networking technologies. Prior to that, Aaron led product management for OneSoft’s e-commerce system, and he held multiple positions at BHP Billiton in Australia. He holds a BE Materials (Honors) from Wollongong University, Australia.
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Cybersecurity careers: How to stand out, get hired and make more money

How can you stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream cybersecurity job, and how much should you make? Karl Sharman, a cybersecurity staffing and recruiting pro at BeecherMadden, answers those questions and more on today's episode. Learn how to get your foot in the door, how organizations can avoid writing Magical Unicorn Candidate job descriptions, and why the cybersecurity career landscape is closer to a diamond than a pyramid in shape.

Karl Sharman is a former Head of Recruitment in Football (Soccer) that assisted in selling £1 million worth of talent for a variety of clubs. Since switching to cybersecurity recruitment in 2017, Karl is now the North America Practice Leader for prominent cybersecurity recruitment company, BeecherMadden. With 10 years of recruitment experience, he helps organizations identify, acquire and retain talent in the cybersecurity and risk management sector across North America. He consults the industry on career paths, salary benchmarking, talent pools, and recruitment and retaining strategies. Karl was featured in the top 1% of Search & Staffing Professionals globally by LinkedIn, and BeecherMadden won security recruitment company of the year for 2019.
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