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Previous Cyber Work episodes

How to begin your own cybersecurity consulting business | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Kyle McNulty of Secure Ventures talks about interviewing the people behind the most up-and-coming cybersecurity startups. We discuss the best advice he’s received on the show, how to get your own podcast off the ground and his own security startup, ConsultPlace.

0:00 - Intro
2:40 - Getting into cybersecurity
6:00 - McNulty’s education and career
9:50 - Getting into consulting and startups
14:08 - Secure Ventures podcast
17:45 - Best insight from a podcast guest
20:13 - Startup stories
22:10 - Startups during COVID
23:42 - Advice for startups
25:22 - How to begin a podcast
33:25 - Tips for cybersecurity newcomers
35:04 - Upcoming podcasts
36:15 - ConsultPlace work
38:00 - Find more about McNulty
38:42 - Outro
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How to disrupt ransomware and cybercrime groups | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Adam Flatley of Redacted talks about 14 years spent with the NSA and working in global intelligence. He also delineates the process of disrupting ransomware and cybercrime groups by dismantling organizations, putting on pressure and making the crime of ransomware more trouble than it’s worth!

0:00 - Intro
3:13 - Getting into cybersecurity
4:27 - Why work for the DoD?
6:37 - Average work day in threat intelligence
9:28 - Main security threats today
11:53 - Issues cybersecurity is ignoring
16:12 - Disrupting ransomware offensively
23:00 - How to handle ransomware
25:07 - How do I fight cybercriminals
27:15 - How to convey self learning on a resume
28:24 - Security recommendations for your company
31:40 - Logistics of changing security
34:40 - Cybercrime in five years
36:57 - Learn about Redacted
39:18 - Learn more about Adam
40:00 - Outro
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How to become a cyber threat researcher | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, John Bambenek of Netenrich and Bambenek Consulting talks about threat research, intelligence analytics, why the same security problems are so evergreen and the importance of pitching in a little extra bit of your time and talents to make the world a bit better than you found it.

0:00 - Intro
2:45 - Getting into cybersecurity
9:40 - Threat researcher versus security researcher and threat analyst
12:05 - How to get into a research or analyst role
16:32 - Unusual types of malware
19:03 - An ideal work day
23:06 - Current main threat actors
28:50 - What cybersecurity isn’t addressing
31:38 - Where can I volunteer?
36:02 - Skills needed for threat researchers
40:53 - Adjacent careers to threat research
45:11 - Threat research in five years
48:55 - Bambenek Consulting
49:35 - Learn more about Bambenek
50:26 - Outro
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How to become a great cybersecurity leader and manager | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Cicero Chimbanda, Infosec Skills author and lecturer, discusses his cybersecurity leadership and management courses. We discuss the many paths of a cybersecurity leadership role, the soft skills that separate a good information security manager from a great one and why a baseline of cybersecurity knowledge can enhance any job, even if you don’t plan to pivot into the industry.

0:00 - Intro
3:37 - Getting into cybersecurity
6:43 - First learning cybersecurity
7:54 - Skills needed to move up
10:41 - CISM certification
13:00 - Two tracks of technology
15:13 - Are certifications important?
18:50 - Work as a college lecturer
22:43 - Important cybersecurity soft skills
27:40 - Cybersecurity leadership and management
32:33 - Where to go after security leadership
35:26 - Soft skills for cybersecurity managers
37:23 - Benefits to skills-based education
39:40 - Tips for lifelong learning
43:46 - Cybersecurity education’s future
45:21 - Outro
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Cybersecurity collaboration, team building and working as CEO | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Secureworks president and CEO Wendy Thomas talks about the company’s drive to provide innovative, best-in-class security solutions that sit at the heart of customers’ security operations. Thomas shares over 25 years of experience in strategic and functional leadership roles, including work as a chief financial officer, chief product officer and VP of strategy. Thomas has worked across multiple technology-driven companies and has a wealth of knowledge.

0:00 - Intro
3:18 - Wendy’s origin in cybersecurity
5:13 - Climbing the career ladder
8:10 - Average day as CEO
10:38 - Collaboration in cybersecurity
13:07 - Roadblocks in collaboration
15:03 - Strategies to encourage collaboration
17:53 - Is there collaboration now?
19:30 - Solving technology security gaps
21:35 - Limiting incident response noise
23:10 - Addressing the skills shortage
25:07 - Women in cybersecurity
30:45 - Developing your team
32:53 - Advice for those entering cybersecurity
34:18 - Outro
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How to learn web application security | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Infosec Skills author Ted Harrington talks about authoring a recent Infosec Skills learning path, “How To Do Application Security Right,” which is also the subtitle of his recent book, “Hackable: How To Do Application Security Right.” Harrington shares his application security expertise, or AppSec, the benefits of skills-based learning, and what it was like to hack the iPhone.

0:00 - Intro
3:00 - Hacking the iPhone
8:30 - IOT security
14:00 - “Hackable” book
17:14 - Using the book as a roadmap
18:42 - Most important skills right now
21:45 - Taking Harrington’s class
24:40 - Demystifying application security
26:48 - Career opportunities
28:26 - Roadblocks in application security
30:55 - Education tips for application security
33:40 - Benefits of skills-based education
37:21 - The skills gap and hiring process
41:19 - Tips for lifelong learners
43:43 - Harrington’s next projects
44:33 - Cybersecurity’s education’s future
45:38 - Connect with Harrington
46:50 - Outro
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Weekly career advice

Weekly career advice

Learn how to break into cybersecurity, build new skills and move up the career ladder. Each week on the Cyber Work Podcast, host Chris Sienko sits down with thought leaders from Carbon Black, IBM, CompTIA and others to discuss the latest cybersecurity workforce trends.

Hands-on training

Hands-on training

Get the hands-on training you need to learn new cybersecurity skills and keep them relevant. Every other week on Cyber Work Applied, expert Infosec instructors and industry practitioners teach a new skill — and show you how that skill applies to real-world scenarios.

Q&As with industry pros

Q&As with industry pros

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