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Infosec's CGEIT bootcamp training is specifically designed to prepare students for ISACA's certification on IT governance principles and practices.

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CGEIT Course Overview

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification program was developed by ISACA specifically for experienced IT governance personnel and those who have responsibilities for the stewardship of IT resources. This seminar is designed specifically to assist individuals planning to sit the CGEIT examination. This four day seminar will explain the CGEIT examination process, help you prepare for the next CGEIT exam, provide guidance and test your readiness through sample questions.

  • Domain 1: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (25%)
    Ensure the definition, establishment, and management of a framework for the governance of enterprise IT in alignment with the mission, vision and values of the enterprise.
  • Domain 2: Strategic Management (20%)
    Ensure that IT enables and supports the achievement of enterprise objectives through the integration and alignment of IT strategic plans with enterprise strategic plans.
  • Domain 3: Benefits Realization (16%)
    Ensure that IT-enabled investments are managed to deliver optimized business benefits and that benefit realization outcome and performance measures are established, evaluated and progress is reported to key stakeholders.
  • Domain 4: Risk Optimization (24%)
    Ensure that an IT risk management framework exists to identify, analyze, mitigate, manage, monitor, and communicate ITrelated business risk, and that the framework for IT risk management is in alignment with the enterprise risk management (ERM) framework.
  • Domain 5: Resource Optimization (15%)
  • Ensure the optimization of IT resources including information, services, infrastructure and applications, and people, to support the achievement of enterprise objectives.

Course Materials:

Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 320 axioms. Our CGEIT exam preparation course assists IT professionals to accomplish the following business objectives in their enterprise.

CGEIT is specifically developed for IT and business professionals who have a significant management, advisory, or assurance role relating to the governance of enterprise IT and for those and who have experience in the following areas:

* IT Governance Framework
* Strategic Alignment
* Value Delivery
* Risk Management
* Resource Management
* Performance Measurement

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CGEIT Boot Camp - Course Benefits and Goals:

The CGEIT course offers students outstanding benefits, including:

  • Four full days of intense instruction with no outside distractions (Course also available Online)
  • In-person access to the top security experts in the industry
  • Lunch and snacks provided on each day of class
  • Worldwide recognition as a universally accepted information systems manager
  • Opportunity to build upon existing certifications/credentials already earned
  • Provides tangible evidence of career growth
  • Potential for a salary increase and/or promotion
  • Intense Courseware and review materials
  • Excellent Certification Preparation (Note that Students are responsible for registering for the exam and transportation to the exam; Infosec will not provide exam logistics or transportation support)


Have at least five years of exposure supporting the governance of an enterprise’s information technology. This experience can be achieved entirely through IT governance experience, or through a combination of IT governance experience and management experience.

Who Should Attend?

IT professionals interested in earning CGEIT certification. CGEIT is for IT professionals, risk professionals, business analysts, project manager and/or compliance professionals, how work  towards evaluation and mitigation of risk, and who have  job experience in the following areas:

* Risk identification, assessment and evaluation;
* Risk response and monitoring and
* IS control design/monitoring and implementation/maintenance.

Certification & Compliance

Infosec’s CGEIT course extensively prepares students for the CGEIT exam, which consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that cover the six IT Governance domains….and reflect the work performed by IT Governance practitioners.

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    What Our Students Are Saying

    The course quality was great. The instruction used a lot of the participants daily responsibilities and environment for case studies.

    Sivaramen Ramasawmy World Bank

    CGEIT Training Boot Camp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is getting certified an important part of a career in IT Governance?

    Senior IT professionals often seek industry certification to prove their expertise in the field. Adding a high level credential like the CGEIT helps to differentiate yourself from your peers and shows a commitment to continued education and excellence.

    What’s the job outlook for CGEIT professionals?

    Possessing the CGEIT is a minimum requirement for a slew of jobs across the professional gamut. Common job titles include: Information Technology Director, Senior Business Consultant, VP of Information Technology, Senior IT manager, and many more.

    What does this CGEIT training course provide that other offerings do not?

    Infosec’s award-winning Training Boot Camps have an exam pass rate of 94%—the highest in the industry! Online or offline, this course offers four days of intense, zero-distraction instruction from top security experts in the industry. These factors coupled with our Exam Pass Guarantee mean that you can rest assured you’re receiving the best training available on the market.

    What are the Pre-Requirements for taking the CGEIT?

    Five or more years of experience managing, serving in an oversight or advisory role, or otherwise supporting the governance of an IT-related branch of an organization is required in order to apply for CGEIT certification. Click here for more specific IT Governance information, and click here for form information on the CGEIT prerequisites.

    What qualifies as IT Governance Experience?

    In order to narrow down their definition of IT Governance, ISACA has provided a detailed list of CGEIT Job Practices. Click here to view these five domains of task statements.

    How does the CGEIT examination process work?

    The CGEIT is a 150 question multiple choice exam that candidates must complete within four hours. The exam is based on a 200-800 point scale, with a passing score being 450 points. Click here for more exam information.

    Is the online CGEIT Boot Camp as effective and informative as an in-person training session?

    In short, yes! Online participants of our bootcamp find their training just as beneficial as our in-person students. Online or offline, students receive the exact same resources and personalized instruction.

    What material is covered on the CGEIT exam?

    The CGEIT exam is divided into five domains, which are as follows: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (24% of the exam), Strategic Management (20% of the exam), Benefits Realization (16% of the exam), Risk Optimization (24% of the exam), Resource Optimization (15%). Click here for a breakdown of each section of the exam.

    How is the CGEIT certification different from other comparable security certifications?

    Unlike other certifications, the CGEIT credential is geared towards more senior IT professionals, particularly those in lead technical or management roles dealing with project management, governance, and risk management.

    How long is the CGEIT certification valid after you pass the test, and what are the renewal requirements?

    The CGEIT certification is valid for a period of three years, and can be renewed through continued payment of an annual maintenance fee and adherence to ISACA’s CPE (Continuing Professional Education) policy. This policy states that CGEIT holders must complete and report at least 20 CPE hours annually. Click here for more details about CGEIT renewal requirements.

    Is a CGEIT exam voucher included with the purchase of this course?

    Yes! Exam vouchers are included.

    What are some tips for preparing for the CGEIT?

    Infosec’s award-winning BootCamps help prepare you for certification exams better than any other resource on the market. With a 94% pass rate, no one in the industry compares! Other resources CGEIT candidates can utilize include ISACA’s selection of review manuals or their sample exam. For more CGEIT resources, click here.

    What is the average CGEIT salary?

    The median salary of CGEIT professionals is $120,950—making it one of the IT industry’s most remunerative certifications. Click here for a more detailed analysis of CGEIT salary data.

    Career Tracks

    • Information Assurance Track

      The IA track goes through all aspects of Information Assurance. Our goals with this set of courses is to create the most complete Security Manager an organization could wish for.
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