Immersive boot camps: Live cybersecurity online programs

Interested in a career in cybersecurity but don't have the required experience? Our Immersive Boot Camps are designed for true beginners. In as little as six months, you will:

  • Gain hands-on learning experience and career-ready skills
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Receive personalized career guidance and support
  • Build a demonstratable professional portfolio

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Future-proof your career in as little as 26 weeks!

Why immersive boot camps?

We teach you job-ready, in-demand skills to get a cybersecurity job faster and at a lower cost than a cybersecurity degree program. Unlike shorter boot camps, our Immersive Boot Camps offer an online cybersecurity training program with over 500 hours of hands-on experience to help you deeply understand and retain topics. 


The lessons build your skills progressively, from the basics, like computer operations, to advanced topics, like cybersecurity engineering. This builds true mastery rather than only a surface-level overview. Our industry-driven curriculum will immerse you in a hands-on learning environment, ensuring you develop advanced cybersecurity skills that are in high demand. 


How do immersive boot camps work?

Ready to take a deeper dive into the world of cybersecurity? Our immersive boot camps offer a structured, step-by-step journey to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to land your dream job. 


Foundational prep

Before diving in, you'll conquer foundational cybersecurity concepts through introductory online training. This prepares you for the intensive boot camp and ensures a smooth learning experience.



Deep-dive training

Master in-demand skills in as little as 26 weeks through more than 500 hours of learning in an interactive virtual boot camp. Get the guidance you need through expert-led sessions, real-world scenarios and collaborative exercises.



Career success

Let our dedicated career coaching team guide you toward success. We'll help you craft a winning resume and LinkedIn profile, ace interviews, launching your cybersecurity career with confidence.



We've helped Fortune 500 companies and can help you as well

Infosec, best-in-class cybersecurity training

What's included:

Develop career-ready skills in as little as 26 weeks

Develop career-ready skills in as little as 15 weeks

Develop career-ready skills in as little as 24 weeks

Knowledge Retention Assurance*
Certification exam voucher
Career Coaching
Financing options
Company founded
Training modality
In-person or online
Full and part-time
Access to on-demand skills library
List Price:

*You will have access to over 1,400 cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges for six months after completing the program to maintain your skills while accelerating your cybersecurity career.

How we prepare you for success

With over 20 years as cybersecurity leaders, we have the expertise to set you up for career success. Our immersive boot camps are taught by industry veterans with decades of combined experience across industries. Over 500 hours of training focus on the in-demand abilities hiring managers want. Interactive virtual classes and hands-on labs put you in the driver's seat, where you learn by doing. Ask questions, collaborate with peers and get real-time feedback from experts. 

Your journey doesn't end with graduation. Our Knowledge Retention Assurance gives you access to 1,400+ cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges, keeping your skills sharp while you start your cybersecurity career. 

Immersive Boot Camps open for enrollment

Kickstart your career in cybersecurity with our Cybersecurity Beginner Immersive Boot Camp, designed to take you from beginner to expert. From exploring ethical hacking and cybersecurity careers to diving into computer operations and networking to understanding cybersecurity engineering, our program covers a wide range of topics. No prior technical skills are required, just basic computer use. 

How to enroll


Submit your application

Fill out our short application form to start your enrollment. This allows our admissions team to learn about your goals, background and what program is the best fit.



Receive a call from an advisor

We'll schedule a call to discuss your goals and answer your questions. We want to ensure the program is a perfect fit for you.



Start your career transformation

Our live, interactive virtual classes will provide you with experience, hands-on skills and expert mentorship from industry experts, preparing you for a career in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.


Award-winning training you can trust

What comes next? What you can expect following your training program

  • Increased confidence in tackling real-world cybersecurity challenges 
  • Readiness for industry-recognized certifications like CompTIA Security+ and Network+ 
  • Access to over 1,400 cybersecurity courses to keep your abilities sharp after graduation 
  • Credibility with potential employers through your boot camp completion 
  • Assistance in locating job opportunities that align with your career goals 
  • Being positioned for rapid career advancement to take on challenging cybersecurity roles 

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Enroll in Cybersecurity for beginners today

Are you ready to transform your career? Whether you're a professional from another industry looking to move into cybersecurity or are trying to grow your cybersecurity career, this is your pathway. The Cybersecurity Beginner Immersive Boot Camp provides 500 hours of comprehensive training to guide you from novice to your first cybersecurity job. In as little as 26 weeks, you'll not only learn a wide range of fundamental and in-demand cybersecurity topics from networks to hacking to cybersecurity engineering you'll also receive career coaching and build an attention-getting portfolio to help you break into the field 

Frequently asked questions about immersive boot camps

What experience or skills should I have before enrolling in an immersive boot camp?

Infosec immersive boot camps are designed for all levels, including career changers with little cybersecurity experience. We offer a preparatory track to ensure everyone is ready to hit the ground running. 

How much does an immersive boot camp cost?

Investing in an in-depth, months-long training program requires careful consideration. We offer financing options to make it accessible. Contact us for personalized pricing and payment details. 

What are the benefits of taking an online cybersecurity program?

Our online format offers flexibility, accessibility and convenience while still having access to live instruction and real-time support. This program runs on nights and weekends to fit your busy schedule. If you’re unable to attend a session, we also offer on-demand recordings. 

How does an immersive boot camp differ from Infosec's other boot camps?

Infosec immersive boot camps are longer and more in-depth than a typical boot camp. They’re designed for career-focused individuals seeking intensive training and career support. For example, our Cybersecurity Beginner Immersive Boot Camp helps you become cybersecurity job-ready in as little as 26 weeks, whereas our popular CompTIA Security+ Boot Camp has just five days to help prepare you to pass the exam. 

Can I get a job in cybersecurity without a degree?

Absolutely! The cybersecurity market highly values hands-on skills and experience. Our immersive boot camps equip you with both, making you a competitive candidate. 

Will Infosec certify me after the immersive boot camp? How do I get my certification?

Yes, at the end of this program, you will receive a CompTIA Security+ certification exam voucher, which is one of the most popular cybersecurity certificate programs requested by employers for entry-level cybersecurity candidates. 

I don't need this much training. Does Infosec have a platform I can use to learn cybersecurity skills at my own pace?

We offer live boot camps as well as our Infosec Skills subscription, which includes a vast library of courses for self-paced learning. Explore both options to find your perfect fit!