Infosec IQ release: Training recommendations & the data to back it up

December 06, 2019

Improvements to learner training recommendations have arrived in Infosec IQ with new ways for program administrators to analyze recommended training data. The latest release also includes updated content library counts and enhancements to PhishHunter™ email investigation and whitelist testing.

New data & reporting reflects recommended training success

Infosec IQ now includes tracking and reporting of all recommended training modules completed by employees from their learner dashboard.

Learner recommendations usage

A new dashboard widget reflects your employees’ aggregated interactions with recommended training content over the past 12 months.

The new widget displays:

learner recommendation usage

  • Number of learners who completed at least one recommended training module
  • Total learner time spent watching recommended training content
  • Percentage of all learners who completed at least one recommended training module

This reporting widget summarizes your employees’ adoption of recommended training and gives you a qualitative measure of cybersecurity culture change at your organization.

Core behavior compliance

Recommended training completion now contributes to the Core Behavior Compliance dashboard report. For example, if a learner completes a recommended training module mapped to the phishing core behavior, the learner is now marked as complete for phishing compliance. This gives you additional training topic coverage and tracking beyond your assigned curriculum.

Learner analytics

A learner timeline event is now created each time a learner starts and completes a recommended training module. These events also include the core behavior associated with the recommended content.

This information is reflected in the Learner Profile, but can also be used when building custom Data Browser reports using timeline events.

learner profile

Training content

Over 200 training modules in dozens of languages are now available via SCORM as a Service, with new additions every month. The latest module conversions include:

What else is new?

Content Library asset count update

When using the content library filter, the asset count now reflects the total amount of unique training assets included in the filter or search criteria. With this update, the asset count no longer includes translated training modules as unique assets.

PhishHunter email investigation improvement

When investigating suspicious emails in PhishHunter, you can now download a .EML version of the email, allowing you to open and analyze the email in your email client, preserving the original HTML formatting and headers.

Attachments for whitelisting test

When running a whitelisting test, you can now include an attachment to confirm proper delivery of your simulated attachment attacks.

What’s coming next?

Read the Infosec IQ product roadmap for an overview of the training content and platform features coming in the next six months.

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