Product roadmap

We hope our roadmap provides valuable insight into future product development at Infosec, but it’s important to note the development and release of all items on this roadmap are subject to change. We encourage you to regularly review and discuss this roadmap with your Infosec IQ client success manager or account representative.

Infosec IQ product pillars

Running a security awareness program that inspires your workforce to adopt secure habits and keep your organization secure shouldn’t be hard. We’re making it easier than ever by focusing on four areas.

Engage employees & inspire behavior change

Planned training series & program plans

  • Core Concepts training series & program plan
  • Need to Know training series and program plan additions
  • Just the Facts training series and program plan additions

Planned phishing training & translations

  • Topical, in-the-news phishing templates added weekly
  • Just the Facts and Choose Your Own Adventure training module & assessment translations
  • Need to Know assessment translations

Planned Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games

  • Removable media
  • Password security
  • Physical security
  • Mobile security
  • Internet of things

Easily create & maintain an effective program

Future work

  • SSO for admins: Access Infosec IQ easier than ever.
  • Key workflow improvements: We’re making it easier for program admins to create and send awareness training and phishing.
  • New integrations: Upgrades to the Infosec IQ API will make it easier to integrate with other security, reporting and learner management tools.
  • Infosec Skills integration: We’re consolidating Infosec IQ and Infosec Skills admin tools so you can easily manage and report on awareness and technical skill training from one place.


  • Train new employees automaticallyAutomatically enroll new employees in our recommended training course to get them up to speed, fulfill compliance requirements and address your organization’s greatest security threats.
  • Animated phishing education pagesSend phished learners to microlearning pages with education tailored to the phishing attack they failed to spot.
  • Global training contentGlobal administrators can share customized training assets with every account they manage, eliminating the need to manually recreate their customizations in each sub-account.
  • Custom learner fields: Add custom fields to your learner records to align training and reporting to how your organization groups employees and tracks performance.

Empower learners to play an active role in organizational security

Future work

  • SOC 2 compliance: We’re working towards SOC 2 compliance to reinforce our commitment to security and data privacy.
  • Report emails from Gmail, from any browser: A new Gmail extension will standardize the PhishNotify email reporting process across common web browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox and includes mobile support.


Assess culture & prove the value of your program

Future work

  • Improved phishing metrics: Upgrades to our simulated phishing reporting metrics will make it easier to understand when a security appliance interacts with simulated phishing emails.


  • Industry benchmarks — training completionCompare your organization’s training completion performance with benchmark metrics aggregated from anonymized Infosec IQ customer data.
  • Industry benchmarks — phishingCompare your organization’s phishing susceptibility with industry benchmarks to add context to results, measure success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Reporting usersAdd administrators with reporting permissions to build reports, review training results and share success with stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Culture — Quantified

See the data on the most overlooked variable in security and learn how to measure your organization's cybersecurity culture.