Integrate Infosec IQ training with your LMS

Always stream the most up-to-date training modules from your LMS with Infosec IQ SCORM as a Service.

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Deliver Infosec IQ training from your LMS

Leverage the entire Infosec IQ content library with the flexibility to deliver training modules from your learning management system.

Download a SCORM package for any training module and upload it to your LMS.

Automatically updated training modules for your LMS

Security threats change quickly, making it vital to keep your training materials—and your employees—current on the latest threats. However, traditional SCORM packages contain a single, static training module that must be manually replaced after each update.

SCORM as a Service training modules stream directly from Infosec IQ, ensuring your LMS always delivers the most recent version of each training module.

Self-serve access & SCORM tracking

Infosec IQ SCORM packages are available for instant download from the AwareEd™ content library, meaning you can upload the security training you need to your LMS when you need it.

Within Infosec IQ, you can monitor SCORM download views, the most recent view and the total number of views available for each training module.

High-performance streaming via dedicated CDN

Infosec IQ SCORM as a Service streaming provides both convenience and a superior user experience.

SCORM modules are served from a dedicated Content Delivery network (CDN) to reduce latency, accelerate page load times and lessen bandwidth consumption.

Exceptional learning experiences powered by LX Labs cyber expertise

All Infosec IQ security awareness and training resources are infused with LX Labs know-how. Our elite team of cyber experts, learning specialists and creative ninjas blend cybersecurity expertise with right-brain design talent and solid instructional design. It’s what makes our security awareness series like WORKed and Need to Know so engaging and effective.

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