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Make security awareness and training personalized, engaging and accessible for every employee.

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Personalized learning paths

One-size-fits-all security awareness and training doesn’t work. Infosec IQ allows you to automatically deliver training tailored to each employee’s role and security aptitude.

By delivering a customized training experience for each employee, you can boost engagement rates, reduce repeat offenses and prepare each employee for the security threats they are most likely to face.

Learner dashboard & performance history

Give learners access to the training and performance data they need to learn and improve their cybersecurity habits.

The learner dashboard allows employees to continue in-progress training assignments and revisit completed courses and training modules. Activate personalized phishing data so learners can review their simulated phishing history, including their phish rate, email report percentage and a log of every simulated phishing email that hits their inbox.

Empower learners with training recommendations

Help learners play an active role of their cybersecurity education with personalized training content recommendations.

Learners can select optional training modules from their dashboard to explore their cybersecurity interests and self-address gaps in knowledge. Using machine learning, our recommendation engine serves content based on training topics you’ve previously assigned and learner preferences.

Self-select languages

The Infosec IQ learner course page gives your employees the flexibility to complete training in their preferred language.

After training is assigned, each employee can self-select their language before completing a module or take training in the default language you assign.

Employee accessibility

Learner-facing content in Infosec IQ is developed using guidance from Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 standards to make the platform more accessible to learners of all abilities.

The Infosec IQ learner course page and training content includes screen reader support, complete keyboard navigation, video captions and more.

Training notifications

Increase training completion rates and keep security education top-of-mind with training notifications.

Enrollment notifications

Training reminders

Manager alerts

Custom notifications

Security policy & completion certificates

Add your organization’s security policy to Infosec IQ training courses to track and document employee acknowledgement.

Do you want to congratulate employees when they complete a training course? Deliver a branded completion certificate to every employee who passes your assigned training course.

Infosec Named a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Recognized for ability to execute and completeness of vision in Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, learn the latest market trends and what we believe sets Infosec apart.