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Spend less time identifying email threats and mitigate attacks faster with PhishHunter™.

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Automate threat analysis

Separating employee-reported malicious emails from false positives takes time. PhishHunter automates this process so your team can spend less time reviewing spam emails and more time responding to real threats.

PhishHunter analyzes suspicious emails reported by your employees and assigns every email a threat score. This identifies which emails are most likely malicious and automatically organizes them by importance, helping your team prioritize response and quickly mitigate email threats.

Organize & prioritize workflows

The PhishHunter analyst console functions as a working queue, allowing your team to label and sort by reviewed emails, identify real phishing threats and remove false-positive emails.

Build your own tags to organize recurring attack types, group emails with shared elements and set up a workflow to address your organization’s greatest threats.

Integrate with your security tools

PhishHunter serves as a lightweight SOAR platform, allowing you to automate email analysis and incident response. Integrate your security tools with PhishHunter using our open API to automate incident response.

Orchestrate incident response

Use PhishHunter orchestration rules to automatically take action based on data found in the email header, body or attachment. Use rules to apply tags, delete messages or change the threat score.

The orchestration rules engine is paired with the Infosec IQ notification center, empowering you to automatically notify employees and provide feedback when they report a real attack or benign email.

Safely inspect & diagnose potential threats

During analysis, every email component is automatically sanitized and reviewed for malicious content.

Perform a deep analysis of employee-reported attachments by safely detonating suspicious files in a sandbox environment. This allows you to identify and document malicious activity and intent hidden in email attachments and share threat intelligence with your security teams.

Measure risk & track trends (Coming soon)

Retain a line-of-sight on employee-reported email threats from the PhishHunter dashboard.

Quickly review attack classification data to monitor recurring and emerging threats and track employee reporting behaviors to encourage phishing email reports and discourage spam reports.

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