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Automatic threat analysis

Separating employee-reported malicious emails from false positives takes time. PhishHunter™ automates this process so your team can spend less time reviewing spam emails and more time responding to real threats.

PhishHunter analyzes suspicious emails reported by your employees and assigns every email a threat score. This identifies which emails are most likely malicious and automatically organizes them by importance, helping your team prioritize response and quickly mitigate email threats.

Incident response orchestration

Orchestrating an effective attack response requires a combination of automated intelligence and context. By leveraging both security automation and human decision-makers, PhishHunter serves as a lightweight SOAR platform to identify indicators of compromise and orchestrate your attack response.

Use our open API to automate your attack response by inputting IoCs such as IP addresses, URLs and domains into your security tools to stop attacks in progress and block future attempts.

Sanitized email investigation

During analysis, every email component is automatically sanitized and reviewed for malicious content. You can safely inspect the following items without leaving the PhishHunter console:

  • Headers
  • Domains
  • URLs
  • Images and attachments
  • Email text
  • HTML email preview

Adaptive threat detection

No one knows the greatest threats facing your organization like you do. That’s why we built PhishHunter to adapt threat scoring based on your organization’s environment.

You can label specific email components such as sending domains or headers as malicious to increase the threat score for other emails containing these same elements. This feedback loop trains the PhishHunter algorithm to identify persistent threats targeting your organization.

Email tagging and organization

The PhishHunter analyst console functions as a working queue, allowing your team to label and sort by reviewed emails, identify real phishing threats and remove false-positive emails.

Build your own tags to organize recurring attack types, group emails with shared elements and set up a workflow to address your organization’s greatest threats.

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