Identify trends & prove training success

Track program effectiveness, measure compliance and identify knowledge gaps before breaches occur with Infosec IQ performance dashboards.

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Industry benchmarks

Learn how your organization’s compliance score and phishing susceptibility stack up against industry averages with benchmark data.

Industry benchmarks give you a frame of reference to assess your organization’s training coverage, cybersecurity knowledge and phishing risk to help you mature your security awareness and training program and guide ongoing training.

Compliance score

Infosec IQ maps every training module to one of nine core security topics from the NIST security awareness and training guidelines. By associating training content with NIST recommendations, Infosec IQ calculates your organization’s compliance score that reflects training completion over time.

Download compliance reports for stakeholders or auditors and use data to guide your ongoing training efforts.

Phishing performance

Monitor your organization’s phish rate over time and adapt training to address employee knowledge gaps. Analyze your entire organization or filter by department to easily identify your best and worst performers.

From the Infosec IQ dashboard, you can evaluate your phish rate and simulated phishing attempts together to correlate your organization’s phish rate with your phishing program.

Track risk by attack type

Drive by
Business email compromise (BEC)
Data entry

Cybersecurity Culture — Quantified

See the data on the most overlooked variable in security and learn how to measure your organization's cybersecurity culture.