Threat Intelligence

Dark Web hacking tools: Phishing kits, exploits, DDoS for hire and more

The demand for dark web hacking tools has reached all-time highs across the cybercriminal ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dependency confusion: Compromising the supply chain

Public packages can be exploited and replaced with malicious ones at even the largest companies like Apple and more.

BendyBear: A shellcode attack used for cyberespionage

BendyBear malware has proven to be one of the most dangerous, and a threat to countries across the world.

ATP group MontysThree uses MT3 toolset in industrial cyberespionage

The age of cyber spying Targeted malware is often an issue for officials such as diplomats and telecom operators. In rare cases, industries become a target,

BlackBerry exposes threat actor group BAHAMUT: Cyberespionage, phishing and other APTs

What do cybercrime, fake news, the Middle East/South Asia and a dragon from the Final Fantasy or the Dungeons & Dragons series all have in common? The an

Top 9 cybercrime tactics, techniques and trends in 2020: A recap

2020 was a busy year for cybercriminals, with new opportunities brought on by the COVID-19 lockdowns and digital transformation initiatives. According to McA

KashmirBlack botnet targets WordPress, Joomla and other popular CMS platforms

Introduction If you are a malware researcher, you’ve probably heard of KashmirBlack, a botnet that has been in the wild since 2019. If you are not a malware

BAHAMUT: Uncovering a massive hack-for-hire cyberespionage group

Introduction In October 2020, the BlackBerry Research Operations team released a comprehensive report highlighting the reach, tradecraft and sophisticated t

Linux security and APTs: Identifying threats and reducing risk

Introduction Think your Linux system is immune to malware? Well, think again. Advanced attack groups have sophisticated PHP rootkits, web shells, exploit co

Ransomware text on computer screen, Cyber attack concept. Office business wood desk background.

Top 6 ransomware strains to watch out for in 2020

Ransomware remains the number one security risk to businesses and users, even though attacks have slowed down — or have they? Key findings from the 2020 Veri