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The Cloud phenomenon is taking the world by storm (pun unintended)! Cloud and virtualization technology is becoming increasingly popular with both large and small sized enterprises, as it allows them to maintain their data networks at a cost-effective price. VMware is one of the most highly regarded vendors in the industry as their virtual networks are efficient, customizable and light on the pocketbook in the long run. That’s why companies are willing to loosen their purse strings to pay top dollar for individuals who are VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs).

Average Salary for VCP

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With VMware’s global presence, there are ample job opportunities as well as a high demand for VCPs. While there are different levels of VMware certification, the average salary range for this type of certification is between $45,604 and $148,406. While entry-level positions offer a decent pay package, those who garner sufficient relevant experience can also work as freelance VMware architects. It isn’t uncommon for companies to pay such Freelance VCPs at the higher end of the spectrum.

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How much does experience count?

A VCP with up to four years of experience can expect a salary around $ 61,426 while those with more than ten years of experience rake in $ 90, 694. Other factors affecting the salary of a VCP include the complexity of the VMware certifications and the nature of the projects the individual has worked on in his/her career.

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The IT Skills and Salary Report for 2013 conducted by Global Knowledge pegs VMware as one of the top IT certifications for 2014. It is the most sought after certification by recruiters hiring for Virtualization. Among the VMware certifications, the Data Center Virtualization (VCP- DCV) track is the most popular. VMware’s DCV segment enables companies to significantly reduce operating costs through server consolidation, simplify the administration of such a network without the use of expensive specialized hardware and at the same time, maintain security and compliance. VCP-DCV individuals undergo intensive training and are proficient in installing and managing the vSphere platform; and these are who enterprises across the world are on the lookout for. Higher levels of VCP-DCV training combined with relevant work experience offer significant chances of career advancement.

VCP Positions

Systems Administrator and System Engineer are the entry-level positions.  The higher positions are Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Systems Administrator and Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking and IT).  VCPs in the position of IT consultants earn at the higher end of the average salary spectrum too. One of the highest paying positions for VCP is that of Solutions Architect where the salary package runs well into six figures.

City-wise, San Jose in California pays VCPs most generously; followed by Los Angeles, New York and Dallas. While it is mostly large-sized corporations who hire VCPS, small and mid-sized companies don’t skimp in the money department either as far as salaries for such individuals are concerned.

Why VCP?

VMware offers a fantastic combination for enterprises as far as flexibility in functionality, data recovery and data storage is concerned; thus enabling them to save a tremendous amount of expense in return. VCPs on getting their initial certification, can branch out into any of these areas depending on company requirements, making them a valuable asset in virtualization setups.

VMware technology is being utilized in over 500,000 organizations across the world as per official reports from VMware. With most of these being Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 corporations, there is certainly no dearth of employment as well as compensation for VMware Certified Professionals.

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Get certified with our Exam Pass Guarantee

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