Average HCISSP salary [Updated 2021]

Chiragh Dewan
December 16, 2020 by
Chiragh Dewan

The HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) is a certification offered by ISC2.

It tests the knowledge in the areas of both privacy and security of healthcare information. Candidates appearing for this certification should have at least two years of prior work experience in a related domain.

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The exam consists of 125 multiple choice questions that need to be completed within a 3-hour timespan. A candidate must obtain a minimum of 700/1000 to pass the exam and obtain the certification. The HCISPP is considered as one of the top certifications in the healthcare domain.

What is the average HCISPP salary?

According to a survey conducted by the Certification Magazine, the HCISPP certification topped the list at an average salary of $127,500. This is compared to the $104,949 average salary of a security respondent in the same field. The certification ranked number 19 in a list of 75.

What is the average HCISPP salary by job role?

Job Role Salary

Information Security Manager $116,601

Information Technology Manager $111,827

Compliance Officer $101,809

Practice Manager $70,178

Privacy Officer $57,788

Risk Analyst $56,223

Compliance Officer $53,574

Health Information Manager $53,175

Medical Records Supervisor $51,752

What are the average job stats?

The breakdown of the cert holders are as follows:

  • 10.2% of people who hold this certification have been in the healthcare domain for 3 – 5 years;
  • 3.5% of people have been in the healthcare field for 6 – 8 years;
  • 7% of people have been in the healthcare field for about 9 – 10 years
  • 79.3% of people have been in the healthcare field for more than 10+ years.

Why become HCISPP certified?

The HCISPP can:

  • Help you to ensure that you maintain well-rounded skills with practical healthcare experience, such as privacy or risk/information security;
  • Help you get to a higher pay grade;
  • Help you to expand your knowledge base with regards to emerging threat vectors in the healthcare industry.

In fact, having the CISSP cert first is an excellent preparation to take the HCISSP, and many healthcare organizations highly value this dual certification.

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Further information and registration

Further information on the value of the HCISSP certification along with registration options can be found at https://www.isc2.org/Certifications/HCISPP

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