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Irfan Shakeel
December 17, 2020 by
Irfan Shakeel

The ISC2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) is an entry-level data security certification. It focuses on these primary domains of knowledge:

  • Logical and Physical Access Controls
  • The Basics of Cryptography
  • The Basics of Malware
  • Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Network Communications
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • How to Secure a Business Entity

The SSCP is an accreditation for the hands-on specialist who consistently screens data frameworks to protect against security threats while having the information to apply security ideas, tools and procedures to respond to security incidents. This certification is designed for people who may hold specialized and engineering-related information security positions, for example, network security engineers, systems security analysts, security administrators as well as non-security specific information technology positions that require a comprehension of basic security concepts and security protocols. The primary emphasis is on the specialized parts of data security and on the design, implementation and administration of information systems in consistence with expressed approaches.

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Employers these days prefer certified professionals in the field of security to assure information security throughout the organization. According to the salary information coming from 355,404 data points collected directly from the job board Indeed, the average salary for SSCP ranges from approximately $11.48 per hour to $59.42 per hour.

According to the study, the highest population of SSCP professionals is located in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, New York and Denver. However, the city with the highest average salary is New York with $60,000 - $114,000 range of salary per annum.

SSCP Salary by City

Cities Salary Range

Philadelphia $55,650 - $110,226

Atlanta $58,958 - $76,302

Washington $55,463 - $98,266

Denver $58,671 - $93,733

New York $70,000 - $114,000

The bottom line is this: The more practical experience that you, the more you will obviously make. However, academic degree also influences the salary range for SSCP professionals. You can see the Median Salary for a SSCP based on the degree they possess below:

SSCP Salary by Degree

Degree Salary Range

Bachelor of Science (BS / BSC) $51,580 - $92,985

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) $45,000 - $71,228

Master of Science (MS) $51,250 - $87,750

bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) $59,495 - $77,296

Bachelor of Arts (BA) $49,579 - $95,931

Below you will see a salary breakdown for all kinds of Security based specializations:

SSCP Salary by Jobs

Job Salary

Information Security Engineer $97,000

Security Engineer $82,236

Information Security Analyst $66,000

Security Analyst $66,000

Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) $78,198

Systems Administrator $48,000

One especially fascinating finding of this review is that females who hold the SSCP certification regularly earn lower salaries than their male colleagues, despite the fact that they just make up 11% of the individuals who hold the certificates. The normal pay for a female SSCP ranges from $30,603 - $76,449, while the average male compensation falls between $49,647 - $90,297 annually.

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Get certified with our Exam Pass Guarantee

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Regardless of whether you are hoping to launch a career in IT security or propel your position and skills, look no more further than the SSCP® certification from ISC2®. This best beginner level certification gives assurance – recognized by global companies, government offices, and other security conscious organizations – that you have the specialized learning and hands-on involvement to execute an association's data security approaches and techniques.

Irfan Shakeel
Irfan Shakeel

Irfan Shakeel is the founder & CEO of ehacking.net An engineer, penetration tester and a security researcher. He specializes in Network, VoIP Penetration testing and digital forensics. He is the author of the book title “Hacking from Scratch”. He loves to provide training and consultancy services, and working as an independent security researcher.