Average Certified Penetration Tester (CPT) salary [Updated 2021]

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Today, more than ever before, computers and networks are subjected to repeated attacks by cyber criminals and hackers. Cybercriminals focus on finding weaknesses within a computer or network and exploit that weakness by launching an attack. In the worst case scenario, these attacks can cause large scale damage to an organization, especially when it revolves around electronic vandalism, denial of service, sabotage, and theft of information. One of the ways organizations can be better prepared to handle such attacks is by performing penetration tests. Penetration tests are performed by skilled testers who possess skills to perform repeated attacks on computer systems and networks with the sole intention of identifying loopholes in the security system, which could potentially provide access to cyber attackers.

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Professional penetration testers undergo an extensive training that helps them to identify high-risk vulnerabilities, allows testing of network defenders, and helps them to assess the magnitude of potential operational and business impacts following an attack.

Why CPT certification is so popular?

Who hires a Certified Penetration Tester (CPT)? A penetration tester can be hired by cyber security agencies and IT companies. By hiring a certified penetration tester IT companies can take the first step towards the prevention of cyberattacks. The CPT certification course prepares a prospective penetration tester to identify and analyze Network Protocol Attacks, Penetration Testing Methodologies, Vulnerability Identification, Network Reconnaissance, Windows Exploits, Covert Channels & Rootkits, Unix/Linux Exploits, Web Application Vulnerabilities, and Wireless Security Flaws.

The Penetration Tester certification is offered by EC Council for professionals who want to pursue a career in networking security or system security. This program focuses on encapsulating the information security track laid down by the EC-Council.

Average pay after CPT certification

The average salary for a professional with CPT certification varies according to the designation or job role. The median salary of a CPT certified tester is $84,690.

Experience in pen testing can be highly rewarding in terms of salary hikes and job roles. Those with experience in both network security and penetration testing always get preference and the median salary for a tester with 10 years of experience would be around $119,328.


Job titles for CPT certified professionals

Entry-level designations in the industry are that of a penetration tester and Information Security Analyst. The mid-level jobs for CPT certified professionals include Information Security Engineer and manager while the top level includes Security Architect and Senior Security Engineer.

What sets CPT certification apart from other security certifications?

The Certified Penetration Tester (CPT) course is a vast program that encompasses a wide array of skills. Many of these include penetration testing of firewalls, IDS, internal and external network, data leakage, along with vulnerability analysis, virus and trojan detection, and file integrity checking. These are just a few of the many areas that concern IT and related organizations that are operating on a wide area and local area network.

One of the core areas of CPT certification program is the knowledge it offers regarding several tools and techniques used for penetration testing. This certification program not only offers an insight into the penetration testing methodology but also enables individuals to create a security testing plan. Some of the key areas that the certification program focuses on include evaluation of vulnerability assessment tools, bypassing router access control lists (ACLs), cloning of a legitimate site and diverting clients by poisoning DNS, deployment of portable media attacks, masquerading network traffic for testing of IDS security and antivirus among others. Above all, this program will ensure candidates are able to think like cyber attackers in order to prevent such attacks! For information on how you can start earning the CPT certification right now, fill out the form below for pricing information and a course syllabus.

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Get certified with our Exam Pass Guarantee

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