Penetration testing

Intelligence-led pentesting and the evolution of Red Team operations

Find out how the addition of more intelligence to pentesting helps combat the broadening of the attack surface and how it is reshaping the world of red teaming

Red Teaming: Taking advantage of Certify to attack AD networks

Learn more about using Certify to attack AD networks.

How ethical hacking and pentesting is changing in 2022

The cloud and new web applications are changing the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Ransomware penetration testing: Verifying your ransomware readiness

Find out how well you might do with ransomware pasted on your penetration testing skills.

Red Teaming: Main tools for wireless penetration tests

Learn about some of the main tools for wireless pentesting.

Fundamentals of IoT firmware reverse engineering

Explore the basic steps on how to analyze IoT firmware from scratch.

Red Teaming: Top tools and gadgets for physical assessments

Popular tools, gadgets, and strategies to for physical security controls.

Red teaming: Initial access and foothold

Learn how red teaming techniques are used to gain a foothold in target attacks like social engineering.

Top tools for red teaming

Explore several of the top tools used for red teaming.

What is penetration testing, anyway?

The most commonly referenced type of security testing is “penetration testing.” That has become a catchall term, and, unfortunately, it’s misleading.