Machine learning and AI

How artificial intelligence is transforming cybersecurity in 2024

Explore the role of AI in reshaping cybersecurity in 2024 with our comprehensive guide on AI-driven threat detection, emerging risks, and innovative solutions.

AI and machine learning career paths, trends and job prospects

Learn about the job prospects for artificial intelligence and how to prepare for a career in it.

Will a Digital Bill of Rights solve machine learning and privacy issues?

Will the Digital Bill of Rights fix the machine learning algorithm and privacy conundrum?

Engineering personality analysis from machine learning

From social media to eye movement to handwriting, there are numerous ways to uncover your personality traits — and for cybercriminals to exploit them.

Engineering speech recognition from machine learning

The goal of speech recognition is to translate spoken words into text, and machine learning is helping it evolve.

Engineering voice impersonation from machine learning

Voice cloning can become a problem as scammers use it in new ploys to get money from people and corporations.

Machine learning for social engineering

Social engineering is a form of communication that aims at gaining people’s trust at first and then prompting them to share sensitive information or do somet

Setting up a virtual lab for cybersecurity data science

"Giant Rabbit uses Carrot Smash. You take 9999 damage. Game over."  "Aww! All right, this time I’ll get it for sure."  "Do you want to reload your last

Deanonymizing Tor using ML

Standard Tor Traffic and Machine Learning /ML/  Unlike conventional non-Tor encrypted traffic that comes with openly visible destination attributes such as

How artificial intelligence is changing social engineering

Social engineers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to further exploit human psychology and gain access to systems and data.