2023 Infosec Hacked for the Holidays free training resources

Season's greetings from all of us at Infosec! This is the season of giving — but not giving away your data. Train your employees on common holiday scams and cybersecurity tips for online shopping with our FREE, holiday-themed security awareness toolkit. Our goal is to help you stay cyber-secure all year long.

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Security awareness & cybersecurity skills training

Infosec IQ’s security awareness training platform empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce their overall cyber risk. With 2,000+ of the highest quality and interactive training resources in different styles, formats, themes and languages, organizations are better equipped to prepare their employees to detect, report and avoid cyber incidents. Customize the platform to match the organization’s culture, employees’ learning preferences, and executives’ business needs to drive learner engagement and promote a positive and strong security culture.

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2023 Infosec Hacked for the Holidays

To spread the joy of cybersecurity this holiday season, we created a security awareness training toolkit as part of our Hacked for the Holidays series. From online shopping to payment methods and common holiday scams, our collection of complimentary training resources covers it all.


Our gift from us to you

How do you stay cyber safe during the busiest time of the year?

“As more holiday shopping is done online and work and home lines continue to be blurred, organizations need to be extra vigilant and ensure their employees are well aware of common holiday cybersecurity risks,” said Jim Chilton, Chief Technology Officer at Cengage Group and General Manager for Infosec. “We’re excited to offer free and fun resources to help organizations keep their business and employees cyber-safe this holiday season.”


Download this free holiday gift from us to help keep your employees cyber-safe this holiday season with these security awareness training resources. This toolkit includes: 

  • Infosec IQ training module to further develop employee cybersecurity awareness and knowledge (available in the Infosec IQ content library).
  • 4 Hacked for the Holidays-themed posters, including digital versions to make employees aware of common scams and reinforce best practices.
  • Hacked for the Holidays infographic with key tips to help employees stay cyber-safe.
  • Hacked for the Holidays assessment to test employee knowledge and share best practices for staying cyber-safe.
  • Employee presentation and newsletter to reinforce cybersecurity best practices around the holidays


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Cybersecurity tips you need to know to stay cyber-safe this holiday season

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Security awareness & phishing simulator buyer’s guide

Download our free security awareness and training buyers guide and vendor scorecard to evaluate multiple solutions and select the right training platform for your organization. This buyer’s guide will help you establish security awareness and training goals, prioritize your organization’s needs and establish the features and training content you require to run a successful security awareness and training program. You can also use the vendor scorecard to compare solutions and ensure you make the best vendor selection for your organization. 

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We use InfoSec to educate and evaluate our employees when it comes to handling phishing. We run monthly phishing campaigns with different templates, aimed at different departments. We also do so to adhere to some of our different client's requirements. With the tool we can also have employee's complete follow-up testing in the event they are phished to further educate them on what to look for.

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