Just the Facts security awareness training

Want to deliver straightforward security awareness and training that cuts through the noise and gives every employee the knowledge they need to keep themselves and your organization secure? Deliver Just the Facts.


Teach the cybersecurity essentials

The Just the Facts training series takes security awareness and cyber best-practices head on. Featuring cybersecurity experts like Keatron Evans, Just the Facts gives your employees the knowledge and perspective that comes from fighting cybercriminals on a daily basis.

Training modules are brief and informative to give your employees impactful and actionable takeaways after every lesson they can apply at work and home.

Comprehensive training to prepare for every threat

Just the Facts training covers every security awareness topic recommended by NIST and serves as the perfect training series to teach the fundamentals of cybersecurity and the security threats your employees are most likely to face.

Included security awareness & training topics

  • Phishing

  • Password security

  • Social engineering

  • Malware

  • Removable media

  • Physical security

  • Working remotely

  • Mobile security

  • Safe web browsing

  • And more

Award-winning results

Just the Facts training is a gold winner in the Muse Creative Awards for educational video.