Work Bytes: Security awareness training with a touch of magic

Work Bytes invites employees into a fantastical security awareness training series that demonstrates how to recognize common cybersecurity threats.

Reduce human risk and empower employees.

Cybersecurity needs everyone

Educate and engage employees with short and entertaining training videos that empower making them your greatest cybersecurity asset.

Work Bytes features a cast of creative characters who encounter today’s most common cybersecurity threats as they move through their workday. But with the help of their security team, these creative coworkers learn how to recognize and keep the company secure from those looking to phish, hack, scam or breach.


Meet the Work Bytes Coworkers

Department Manager
Dr. Lydia Lightning

Customer Service
Captain Rufus Rafael

Ed Gilbert

Volkov Volkovovich

Human Resources
Melody Moonblossom

Security Guard

Software Engineer

The Security Team
Hal and Neena

Included security awareness training topics

  • Phishing

    81% of companies have seen an increase in phishing attacks. Among phishers’ preferred set of enticing lures is the promise of untold riches, as Captain Rufus is soon to find out. This training reinforces best practices for recognizing and reporting suspicious emails.

  • Social Engineering

    Social engineering is responsible for 98% of cyber incidents. Hackers continue to find new and unexpected means of infiltrating organizations. Follow Fairy Godmother as she learns to always verify and follow company policies and procedures to identify and deal with social engineers.

  • Public Wi-Fi

    18% of Americans use public Wi-Fi to work remotely. Public Wi-Fi is so convenient and easy to spoof. Employees connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks are putting the company’s and their personal data at risk. Learn about best practices for connecting company and personal devices to open Wi-Fi networks in this training. 

  • Password Security

    Approximately 50% of Internet users still use the same password for all their accounts.  Nobody likes thinking up new passwords … But if you don’t change them regularly, the consequences could be downright scary! Learn about password safety and security with the Work Bytes team.

  • Social Media

    74% of organizations saw forms of social media attacks in 2021. Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for individuals and businesses. Sit in on a meeting with the Work Bytes team and learn about the best (and worst!) ways to use social media.

  • and more!

    This series features all the NIST-recommended cybersecurity topics, including physical security, malware, removable media, mobile security, safe web browsing, working remotely, data privacy and PII. These videos will reinforce best practices to ultimately help keep your staff and organization safe and secure.

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