Cybersecurity needs everyone

Educate and engage employees with short and entertaining training videos that empower — making them your greatest cybersecurity asset.

Work Bytes features a cast of creative characters who encounter today’s most common cybersecurity threats as they move through their workday. But with the help of their security team, these creative coworkers learn how to recognize and keep the company secure from those looking to phish, hack, scam or breach.

Meet the characters in an office not so far, far away

  • Dr. Lydia Lightning

    Dr. Lydia Lightning

    Department Manager

  • Captain Rufus Rafael

    Captain Rufus Rafael

    Customer Service

  • Ed Gilbert

    Ed Gilbert


  • Volkov Volkovovich

    Volkov Volkovovich


  • Melody Moonblossom

    Melody Moonblossom

    Human Resources

  • Boneslicer



  • Klak


    Software Engineer

  • Hal and Neena

    Hal and Neena

    The Security Team

These are the treasured topics you will learn with Work Bytes

  • Phishing

    The captain gets a message that promises riches and adventure … But what does this treasure map really hide?

  • Social Engineering

    It’s a fairy godmother’s job to help everyone. But when it comes to hackers, helping them is exactly the wrong move! See how the office’s fairy godmother handles a social engineering threat.

  • Public Wi-Fi

    Staying safe on a work trip is a challenge, no matter who you are! Volkov the vampire struggles with public Wi-Fi, and Hal provides some late-night tech support.

  • Physical Security

    Looks can be deceiving! Watch as the Work Bytes crew learns not to judge by appearances when it comes to letting people into the building.

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