Gamified training meets security awareness

Transform traditional employee training into a world of fun and fantasy where your learners face security scenarios and make decisions that shape their training experience.

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Your next adventure awaits


Interactive learning that empowers

Pick Your Path Security Awareness Games turn traditional training into experiential learning. Using interactive scenarios, decisions and rewards, employees learn by doing in a fun and safe environment proven to:

Increase Engagement
Boost Learner Retention
Accelerate Security Behaviour Change

When your employees play, you win.

Donna Gomez

"We want gamified training and have always had to figure it out on our own. So to have something that's built already makes life a lot easier for me."

- Donna Gomez, Johnson County Government

The gold standard in security awareness training

Pick Your Path Security Awareness Games are recognized with nine industry awards highlighting achievements in interactivity, corporate training, animation and more.

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