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Seven benefits of security awareness training [Updated 2019]

Stephen Moramarco
February 11, 2019 by
Stephen Moramarco

Security awareness training is a method of educating employees to the dangers of phishing or other online scams and should be a required component of every organization. Here are 7 benefits of that show how it can help protect your company from hackers, thieves, and other bad actors.

  1. Training reduces errors. A recent study showed that 80% of breaches are caused by employee carelessness. If a program is implemented to teach them about common scams, such as email attachments that contain malware or phishing emails that steal personal information, they are much less likely to accidentally click links or open files.
  2. Training enhances security. With vigilant employees using strong passwords, flagging suspicious emails, and alerting supervisors about unusual communications or activity, the company itself becomes less vulnerable.
  3. An educated staff increases compliance. As cyber-crime continues to wreak havoc, regulations continue to be implemented to protect data. While some are mandatory (particularly in industries such as banking and healthcare), failure to have adequate safeguards can possibly lead to lawsuits and/or fines.
  4. Security training can help protect a company’s reputation (and possibly save the company itself). A security breach can destroy confidence in your brand, causing consumers or clients to flee in droves. One study shows that 60% of small businesses go under within 6 months of a successful attack.
  5. Education helps morale. Scams are increasingly sophisticated and many employees are embarrassed that they don’t know much about security or what to do to stay safe. A security awareness training program can educate everyone discreetly, enhancing job satisfaction and employee retention along the way.
  6. Your company will save time and money. It takes on average more than 7 months to identify and recover from a successful cyber-attack. The typical disruption to business operations cost $955,429 and $955,429 was spent on upgrades or replacements. Does your company have this kind of spare cash?
  7. You will have peace of mind. Having a strong security policy coupled with security awareness training means less worrying. You’ll be able to relax more, and perhaps even get a good night’s sleep, knowing that everyone is on the same page.

As you can see, a security awareness training program has many benefits. Fortify your company’s protection against phishing and other hacking attacks with SecurityIQ, an award-winning platform from InfoSec Institute that combines awareness training with real-world drills.

Phishing simulations & training

Phishing simulations & training

Build the knowledge and skills to stay cyber secure at work and home with 2,000+ security awareness resources. Unlock the right subscription plan for you.


One section is AwareEd, comprised of learning modules containing interactive lessons about topics such as password safety and how to spot a phishing email. Employees, called Learners, can be invited to enroll via email and their progress can be monitored remotely. Includes specialized programs for IT, management, new hires, telecommuters, and others.

The other main area is called PhishSim, a program designed to simulate a phishing attack against your company. Target specific employees or groups with different messages sent over a period of time. PhishSim includes dozens of templates that are common to many phishing scams; you can use/modify them or create your own.

If anyone clicks on a link, instead of being hacked, they’ll be sent to a web page informing them of their error. You will also be notified, and the person could be required to take further training in AwareEd.

In addition, Security IQ has tools that enhance overall safety. There is a plugin for Outlook called PhishNotify+ Defender that allows administrators to dynamically control security for individual inboxes remotely, stripping links and HTML from their emails. This can be implemented when someone fails an AwareEd course or clicks on a PhishSim link, preventing a real-world mistake.

Currently, InfoSec Institute is offering a free month of Premium, which includes unlimited Learners and Campaigns. Sign up today and your company will quickly see these benefits of our security awareness training program in action.

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Get six free posters

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Stephen Moramarco
Stephen Moramarco

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