Digital forensics and cybersecurity: Setting up a home lab

Wondering how to set up a cybersecurity lab at home? Learn how to build a low-cost digital forensics lab. Then, start practicing at home.

Top 7 tools for intelligence-gathering purposes

Experts can often collect significant artifacts related to the authors behind the analyzed scenarios during cybersecurity exercises, including details such a

iOS forensics

Day by day, smartphones and tablets are becoming ever more popular, and as a result, the technology used in development to add new features or improve the se

Kali Linux: Top 5 tools for digital forensics

There are many tools available from Kali Linux. These are the five most popular tools for digital forensics work.

Snort demo: Finding SolarWinds Sunburst indicators of compromise

Use Snort and the indicators of compromise provided by FireEye to detect Sunburst infections.

Memory forensics demo: SolarWinds breach and Sunburst malware

The SolarWinds breach was unprecedented. This case study looks at how and why through a memory analysis lens.

Digital forensics careers: Public vs private sector?

Find out what it's like working in the digital forensics field in both the public or private sector, and its importance.

Email forensics: desktop-based clients

Emails are the most commonly used technology for exchanging messages between people/businesses using electronic media. With every technology, there comes a r

What is a Honey Pot? [updated 2021]

Introduction: What is a Honeypot? Honeypots are special programs that are written for one purpose: to be exploited. Honeypots emulate the appearance of a vu

Email forensics: Web-based clients

This article discusses how to perform forensic investigations of Web-based email clients. While many organizations use Desktop based email clients for their