What’s new in Infosec IQ — Spring 2021

April 01, 2021

New training content and features are live in the Infosec IQ security awareness and anti-phishing platform, making it easier for you to prepare your employees to beat the cyber threats they face. In this post, we highlight the top additions from the past three months.

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New training content

Choose Your Own Adventure® meets security awareness

We partnered with the team behind the Choose Your Own Adventure brand to bring the excitement and intrigue of the popular gamebook series to your security awareness and training program.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Deep Space Danger

Our Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games bring gamification to Infosec IQ, while remaining:

  • As easy to deliver as any Infosec IQ training course
  • Accessible for all learners
  • SCORM compliant

The first two Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games are live in Infosec IQ and ready to deliver to your employees with additional games coming soon.

Just the Facts training series

A brand new security awareness and training series is live in Infosec IQ giving you a unique way to educate your workforce and prepare them for your greatest threats.

Just the Facts features cybersecurity experts like Keatron Evans delivering straightforward security education covering every training topic recommended by NIST. Watch Just the Facts: Phishing to see for yourself.



The first 10 Just the Facts training modules are live, with an entire pre-built program plan coming soon.

Keep employees prepared with new phishing templates

Dozens of new phishing templates were added to Infosec IQ over the last 3 months to help you prepare employees for the attacks they are most likely to encounter.

Phishing templates

New phishing templates include:

  • Facebook - Hack
  • Microsoft - Security Update
  • Promo - PS5
  • Intuit - Supplemental Tax Return
  • Tax Scam - EFIN
  • Overdue Invoice
  • LinkedIn - Shared Document
  • Apple - iCloud sign in
  • Zoom - Missed Meeting
  • And more

Use the latest monthly newsletters

Have you taken advantage of our new, monthly newsletters? Download the ready-to-email pdf version or use the editable version to customize the content.


  • January: New year, new home office strategy
  • February: International Safer Internet Day
  • March: World Backup Day
  • April: Protect yourself from tax scams

Although we release a new newsletter every month, each newsletter can be used interchangeably throughout the year.

New features

Measure your cybersecurity culture

How strong is your organization’s cybersecurity culture and how does it impact your efforts to keep your organization secure? We made it easy to find out. With the new Cybersecurity Culture Survey, you can measure employee perceptions about cybersecurity and your training efforts to quantify your cybersecurity culture and identify areas for improvement.

Infosec IQ Cybersecurity Culture Survey

How it works

  1. Select learners
  2. Activate the pre-built survey to surface it on the learner dashboard
  3. View anonymized results
  4. Review improvement recommendations
  5. Repeat in six to twelve months to track progress over time

Infosec IQ achieves WCAG 2.1 AA & Section 508 compliance

In an effort to make Infosec IQ security awareness and training accessible for all learners, we made dozens of improvements to the learner dashboard and all learner-facing training resources. This includes improved support for screen readers and assistive technologies, enhanced keyboard navigation, refinement of visual and audio cues and more.

Infosec IQ has achieved WCAG 2.1 Level 2 (AA) and Section 508 compliance. Download the Infosec IQ VPAT & accessibility guide for compliance details and in-app instructions for ensuring your training program is accessible for your entire workforce.

Administrative enhancements

Default PhishHunter rules make automation easy

Two new Orchestration Center rules were applied for all PhishHunter users to make it easier to automatically respond to employee-reported emails and organize your email review queue.

Rule 1: Message has been reported

This rule delivers the Reported notification email to every employee who reports a suspicious email. The Reported notification thanks the employee for reporting the email and ensures them your security team is investigating.

Rule 2: AwareEd campaign notification has been reported

This rule delivers the Safe email notification email to an employee if they report an AwareEd training notification email. The Safe email notification informs the employee the email was not malicious and asks them to retrieve the email they reported to complete their training.

Once this rule is applied, the reported email is automatically moved to the PhishHunter trash, meaning it will not appear when reviewing your Analyst Console.

You can edit or delete either of the default rules from the Orchestration Center Rules Manager or use the Add Default Rules button to re-add the default rules.

Find the latest phishing templates easier than ever

We reorganized the phishing template page to elevate the latest phishing templates added to the Catch of the Week category.

New Azure Active Directory integration

A new, cloud-based Azure Active Directory integration is available within Infosec IQ to replace the legacy Azure AD sync utility. You can now connect Infosec IQ with your Azure Active Directory from Infosec’s learner sync tool and configure your learner sync and settings.

azure ad sync

To integrate Infosec IQ with Azure Active Directory or replace a scheduled task with the legacy Azure AD utility, reference our knowledge base.

Features & content coming next

Want a sneak peek at the features and training content coming to Infosec IQ in Q2 2021? Watch our product update webinar for a first-hand look at everything new.

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