Infosec IQ release: New training content, PhishHunter upgrades & more

December 01, 2020

The latest Infosec IQ release includes new training modules, the December Need to Know newsletter, PhishHunter enhancements and more!

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Add the latest training to your next campaign

Need to Know: Public Wi-Fi

Mateo is looking for a stable public Wi-Fi connection, but finding a secure network is harder than it appears.

need to know public wifi

Need to Know: Sandbox Scares

Neena investigates a mysterious USB drive in a sandbox environment to reveal the dangers her organization avoided.

December newsletter — Sharing isn’t always caring

Help your employees understand the risks of oversharing on social media and how cyber criminals use public information to launch social engineering attacks.

phishhunter rule preview

Preview your custom PhishHunter rules

PhishHunter rules allow you to automatically take action when an employee-reported email matches your custom criteria.

When building a custom rule, you can now preview matches against the last 50 reported emails to sample your rule criteria against recent activity.

What else is new

Resend PhishSim training notifications

You can now manually resend the email and training link sent to phished learners if an employee misses the automated notification or fails to complete training.

phishing campaign

View the PhishSim campaign run details and click the email icon next to your phished learner to resend the notification. Infosec IQ will send the notification attached to the PhishSim campaign and include a link to the training associated with the phishing template the learner clicked.

Accessibility improvements

We’re continuing our efforts to make Infosec IQ training accessible for every learner. Our latest improvements to the learner dashboard and training resources include:

  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Improved screen reader support on education pages
  • Improved color contrast on text and images
  • And more

See what’s coming next

Want a preview of the training content and features coming soon? Read the LX Labs roadmap to see what our talented content team is working on and reference the Infosec IQ product roadmap for upcoming features.

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