Infosec IQ release: Launch the Just the Facts 12-month program

May 17, 2021

The latest set of Infosec IQ training content is live, including the Just the Facts pre-built program plan, Need to Know - Power Up training module translations, international phishing templates and more!

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Launch the complete Just the Facts training program

Just the Facts, our latest comprehensive security awareness program is complete! Use the Just the Facts Program Plan to build up to twelve months of security awareness training, including:

  • 12 training modules (covering each core topic recommended by NIST)
  • 12 knowledge assessments
  • 27 simulated phishing templates
  • 12 phishing education pages
  • 12 posters
  • 12 infographics
  • 1 stakeholder presentation

The Just the Facts Program Plan also includes month-by-month recommendations for running training for the entire year. Access the Infosec IQ Content Library to download the Just the Facts Program Plan and get started today!

New translations & international phishing templates

Power Up translations

All 25 training modules in the Need to Know - Power Up training series are now available in English, Dutch, German and Italian. Search Power Up in the content library to see the full language coverage.

Localized phishing templates

Over 30 new phishing templates are live, translated and localized for the following regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • India
  • Spain

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Infosec IQ May Newsletter

Cybersecurity Culture Survey launch email template

Looking for recommendations for how to launch the Cybersecurity Culture Survey to stakeholders and employees? Check out the Launch Email - Culture Survey template in the Infosec IQ Content Library.

May employee newsletter — Let’s celebrate World Password Day!

Share the top mistakes to avoid and best tips for remembering strong passwords with this month’s employee newsletter.

Updates to learner grading

Learner grades provide a risk profile for every employee based on their interactions with Infosec IQ training and phishing simulations. We updated the default learner grading criteria to more accurately grade employee behaviors. View grading criteria here.

Note: If you previously customized your learner grade settings, your grading criteria has not been updated.

Explore what’s coming next

Want a preview of the training content and features coming soon? Read the LX Labs roadmap to see what our talented content team is working on and reference the Infosec IQ product roadmap for upcoming features.

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