Infosec IQ release: Introducing Just the Facts training series

February 05, 2021

The latest batch of new training content is live in Infosec IQ, bringing your security awareness program an entirely new style of training with Just the Facts.

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Introducing Just the Facts

A brand new security awareness and training series is coming to Infosec IQ giving you a unique way to educate your workforce and prepare them for your greatest threats.

Just the Facts features cybersecurity experts like Keatron Evans delivering straightforward security education covering every training topic recommended by NIST. Watch Just the Facts: Phishing to see for yourself.



The first four Just the Facts training modules are live, with an entire training series and pre-built program plan coming soon.

Need to Know: Too Many Permissions

The final training module in the Need to Know — Power Up training series is live. Need to Know: Too Many Permissions follows Anthony and Mateo's journey to close the doors a mobile app left open.

Power Up by Need to Know now includes 25 brief training modules built to help you deliver comprehensive security awareness training for the entire year. Keep an eye out for the updated Power Up Campaign Kit in the coming weeks!

New Azure Active Directory integration

A new, cloud-based Azure Active Directory integration is available within Infosec IQ to replace the legacy Azure AD sync utility. You can now connect Infosec IQ with your Azure Active Directory from Infosec’s learner sync tool and configure your learner sync and settings.

azure ad sync

To integrate Infosec IQ with Azure Active Directory or replace a scheduled task with the legacy Azure AD utility, reference our knowledge base.

What else is new

February employee newsletter — International Safer Internet Day

February 9 is Safer Internet Day. Share five tips to safer internet browsing with your employees plus bonus Valentine’s Day anti-phishing tips and ways to steer clear of suspicious mobile apps.

Choose Your Own Adventure Characters

Bring the Choose Your Own Adventure® characters to your security awareness program

Our first Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness game, Zombie Invasion, is live! Download the Choose Your Own Adventure® character files to build your own awareness and training assets around Hannah, Marcus and your favorite characters.

See what’s coming next

Want a preview of the training content and features coming soon? Read the LX Labs roadmap to see what our talented content team is working on and reference the Infosec IQ product roadmap for upcoming features.

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