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Infosec's 5 day Wireless Security Training course drills deep into packet and protocol-level Wireless Security.

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Wireless Security Course Overview

Wireless networking is today’s fastest growing LAN solution–providing flexibility, cost savings, and extended communications, as wireless LANs explode in popularity learning all the good, bad and ugly of wireless security can be daunting.

Infosec’s 5 day Wireless Security Training course drills deep into packet and protocol-level Wireless Security. This is a technical hands-on class where you will use a variety of industry standard access points, 802.1x protocol assessment devices, and WLAN security assessment tools from vendors such as Cisco, AirMagnet, AirTight Networks, AirDefense, AirFortress, Cognio, HighWall, Aruba, Trapeze, Ekahau and many more.

We show you how to:

  • Assess the security of wireless networks using the same hacking tools the bad guys do
  • Learn ho the latest security standards, including all 802.1x/EAP types used in WLANs
  • Locate and triangulate rogue access points and implement Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems

CWSP (Certified Wireless Security Professional) Certification:

Infosec’s Wireless Security Training prepares you to pass the CWSP certification. We are an Accredited Training Center for the CWSP program, and can issue exam vouchers to students.

Total Hands-On Lab Environment in Wireless Security Training:

This Wireless Security Training course neatly meshes the skills required in order to assess and defend WLANs from intruders. Some of our hands on modules include:

  • Learn the various methods of target locating and WLAN mapping
  • Compare, contrast, and demonstrate hardware used to circumvent 802.11 Security
  • Demonstrate how to recognize, perform, and prevent physical layer denial-of-service, MAC layer protocol attacks, rogue infrastructure hardware placement, MAC spoofing, eavesdropping and authentication and encryption cracking
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of protocol analysis to capture Usernames & Passwords, SNMP Community Strings, X.509 certificates and Encryption keys
  • Implement different types of 802.11 Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Rogue Triangulation vs. RF Fingerprinting techniques
  • Policy enforcement and violation reporting
  • 802.11 Authentication and Key Management (AKM) components and processes
  • Robust Security Networks (RSN) and RSN Associations (RSNA)
  • Understanding the truth behind WPA and WPA2 certifications
  • Functionality and weaknesses of WEP
  • Functional parts of TKIP and its differences from WEP
  • TKIP in WPA implementations
  • The role of CCMP in WPA2 implementations
  • Appropriate use and configuration of WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise
  • Appropriate use and configuration of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Role and importance of 802.1Q VLANs in an 802.11 WLAN infrastructure
  • Explain 802.11 Authentication and Key Management, including: Master Session Key (MSK) generation, PMK / GMK generation, PTK / GTK generation & distribution, Passphrase-to-PSK mapping

What’s Included:

  • 5 Days of Expert Security Training Instruction (from a Senior Wireless Security instructor with real-world experience and deep knowledge of course content.)
  • Guaranteed small class size, you get an intimate learning setting not offered at any of our competitors.
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments included.
  • CWSP certification fees can be included
  • Lecture, Lab Exercise and Text book
  • InfoSec’s Custom Wireless Security Training bootable CD. Used to audit WLAN security from your portable laptop.

Required Prerequisites:

  • Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP and networking
  • Attendees can be anyone involved in the security of information assets: information security officers and managers, network administrators, Windows administrators.

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