Security Awareness & Anti-Phishing Training | SecurityIQ

Prepare your last line of defense, your employees, with anti-phishing and security awareness training from SecurityIQ, a computer-based enterprise training platform from the experts at InfoSec Institute.

Change Behavior With Personalized Security Awareness Training

28% of all breaches stem from human error. These are the clicks and malware downloads that keep security professionals like you up at night. With as many as 30% of your employees unable to spot a phishing email, how will you keep hackers from hijacking your data?

SecurityIQ™ identifies your security-naive employees and delivers training targeted to their roles. It self-evolves with employees’ security aptitudes and learning styles, creating personalized learning experiences that motivate behavioral change.

Realistic Anti-Phishing Training

30 out of 100 employees can’t spot a phishing email. Teach your team how to detect threats with 100s of realistic phishing templates. If your employees take the bait, they receive training immediately in the teachable moment.

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Personalized Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is not one-size-fits-all. SecurityIQ overcomes this challenge by personalizing the training experience with role-based education that self-evolves alongside your employee's security aptitudes.

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Automation, Reporting & Analytics

SecurityIQ collects user data from 18 security-related behaviors so you can adjust training content based on employee performance. It will identify the most vulnerable members on your team and automatically enroll them in training to correct their risky security behavior.

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Reinforce Awareness Training With a Multifaceted Approach

Your success is important to us. Our Security Excellence Resource Kit helps you reinforce your security awareness goals every step of the way with communication tools to match a variety of learning styles.

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