Security IQ offers information security awareness training, developing secure behaviors across your organization.

Prevent the top cause of security breaches by preparing your last line of defense with training from SecurityIQ

Hackers Send About 156 Million Phishing Emails Every Day. Millions of These Emails Penetrate Firewall, Mail, and Other Defenses. SecurityIQ Puts Your Security in Your User's Hands


Without SecurityIQ Training

800,000 Users Phished Every Day

With SecurityIQ Training

Most Phishing Attacks Fail

Take the first step in practicing with simulated exercises on AwareEd by signing up for a free SecurityIQ account today!


AwareEd delivers highly-interactive security awareness training to your organization.

You select your learners, pick your modules, and configure the time frame. SecurityIQ will send enrollment notifications, reminders, and will compile reports on your learners' progress.

Our engaging training modules are all composed of short lectures followed by realistic exercises that require learners to get hand-on exposure. This approach is a proven technique to increase learner retention, completion, and interest in the program.


Screenshot from an interactive exercise in Social Engineering

Screenshot from a phishing simulation


Set up automated campaigns to send phishing tests to learners across a period of time. Choose from a library of tested phishing attacks or create your own.

PhishSim improves your employees' ability to resist phishing messages through simulation. You pick the templates you want to send, how long a period for the tests should be delivered, how many times you want to repeat the tests, and SeucrityIQ takes it from there!


Interested in SecurityIQ?

SecurityIQ hosts many training modules and simulations through AwareEd and PhishSim that meet the security awareness compliance requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA,SOX,FISMA, and more.

Request a callback to see how SecurityIQ maps to your specific regulatory requirements. Prefer to talk now? Give us a call at 866-471-0059.

Our Clients Include

Start your security training on the right foot by using simulated phishing attacks and hands-on training by signing up for a free SecurityIQ account today!


Our comprehensive library of customizable reports allow you to demonstrate that you are in compliance with leading regulations and your own security policy. The effectiveness of your phishing simulation and training activities is also tracked across multiple runs, which will help you demonstrate that your security awareness education program provides a good return on investment.

All reports can be viewed in your browser, downloaded as a CSV, or sent to you via email. Whether you want to target specific campaigns, learners, time periods, or data columns, reports are easy to customize through our web interface.

Some of the available reports include:

  • Opened, Phished and Avoided Rates by Campaign Run
  • Phishing Susceptibility of Specific Learners
  • Performance (Opened & Clicked) of Specific Phishing Templates

IDC lists InfoSec Institute as a Major Player in their Security Training Vendor Assessment.

"The quality of its instructors and training materials are viewed as the best of all vendors, as are its options for onsite and self-paced training. In addition, InfoSec is perceived to be hte best vendor for certification test prepearation, classroom locations, facilities, and practice labs."

IDC MarketScape. U.S. Security Training Ecosystem - Vendor Assessment


SecurityIQ ROI
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Take the first step in practicing with simulated exercises on AwareEd by signing up for a free SecurityIQ account today!

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