Compromise assessment or threat hunting? What do organizations need?

Compromise assessment and threat hunting are two rising techniques of implementing network security. Figure out what your organization needs.

Deception technologies: 4 tools to help you identify threats and mitigate risks

Introduction Deception technologies have come a long way from the days when honeypots were used to analyze attacker behavior. Today’s deception tools contai

Threat hunting with Kolide and osquery

Introduction In this article, we’ll discuss how we can use Kolide Fleet for threat-hunting purposes. This article is not intended to be an introductory piece

Threat hunting with osquery

Introduction In this article, we take a look at osquery and how it can be used to query the security, reliability and compliance information of systems withi

Threat hunting with Cymon API

Introduction In this article, we’ll discuss mock intrusion attempts on our systems and show you how to make use of Cymon API to query important information

Investigative director touching PROACTIVE THREAT HUNTING on a visual interactive display. Information security concept and computer forensic investigation metaphor for reduction of future intrusions.

Threat hunting with Graylog

Introduction Graylog is a leading centralized log management solution which allows security teams to log, store and analyze huge amounts of data. One area w

Threat Hunting: Remediation

Introduction to Remediation The majority of a threat hunter’s role is looking for the “needle in the haystack” by using a variety of different tools and tech

Threat-hunting techniques: Conducting the hunt

Many organizations only perform reactive threat-hunting, searching for threats once it’s obvious that their environment has been compromised. A mature threat

Top 10 Free Threat-Hunting Tools

Threat hunting is an alternative approach to dealing with cyber-attacks, compared to network security systems that include appliances such as firewalls that

Threat Hunting: Data Collection and Analysis

Introduction Threat hunting requires proactively looking within the network and searching for anomalies that might indicate a breach. The vast amount of data