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Infosec would like to thank the Academy….

Kristin Zurovitch
February 28, 2020 by
Kristin Zurovitch

‘Award wins show you which companies are rising to the top of their field.’ — Jack Koziol

Now that we’re past the GRAMMYs, the Oscars and the Golden Globe awards, we can forget all that red carpet shenanigans and focus on matters of universal importance. 

It’s the 2020 cybersecurity award season!

No, hackers and bad guys don’t receive awards — we think a prison sentence is more apropos. But the cybersecurity industry takes this time to acknowledge the thought leaders, innovative companies and educators making a difference in the fight against cybercrime.

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Not to brag,(OK, I’m bragging) but Infosec is really raking in the trophy hardware this year. You’ll excuse us for tooting our own horn. Sittin’ tall in the saddle. Busting our buttons.

I talked to Infosec CEO Jack Koziol yesterday and he shared his viewpoint on awards.

“The real benefit of awards is the message they send to current and future customers. Awards serve as a differentiator,” Jack said. “If you watch over time, awards show you who is rising to the top. For Infosec’s loyal current customers, it’s also affirmation they are partnering with an industry leader. For organizations and security pros evaluating and selecting a cybersecurity educator, awards signal Infosec should be in your decision set.”

With that longish preamble, let’s get to the award list roundup.

Forrester Research, Inc. recently named Infosec a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2020 report. Forrester analysts said, “Infosec combines customer delight with an evolving modern solution. The Infosec IQ platform covers a broad range of security topics and receives frequent updates with new content.”

In January, the Business Intelligence Group named Infosec Skills a 2020 BIG Innovation Award winner alongside 100 other global companies. We are pretty geeked up Infosec Skills was picked among thousands of companies from around the world, but most happy our newest education platform is recognized as innovative and unique and will be a career-changer for IT and security pros.

Gold-winning security training and customer service from Info Security Products Guide Awards

Infosec IQ is honored with a Gold Winner for Security Training and Education  

Infosec Skills earns a Silver Winner for Cybersecurity Education and Training 

Our Customer Experience and Client Success teams are recognized as a Gold Winner for Customer Service and Support Department of the Year. From getting your organization up and running quickly with Infosec IQ to talking over career paths with Infosec Skills, our people are always ready to serve.

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Infosec Skills receives Silver in Best Security Education Platform.

Infosec IQ gets Silver for Best Cybersecurity Education Provider — North America.

Voters also chose our Cyber Work podcast as a Gold Winner for Best Podcast — which recently hosted its 100th show.

Cyber Defense Magazine’s 2020 InfoSec Awards

Infosec IQ — Best Product in the Security Awareness Training for Employees category.

Infosec Skills — Most Innovative Product in Cybersecurity Training for InfoSec Professionals category.

SC Media 2020 Awards

Infosec Skills — Best IT Security-related Training Program.

G2 2020 Winter Indexes 

The G2 rankings are important because they represent the voice of real users and offer valuable insights to potential buyers.

Infosec IQ — Leader and Fastest Implementation in the Security Awareness Training category.

Infosec Flex:

    • Leader in Online Learning Platform.
    • Leader in Technical Skills Development
    • Leader in Enterprise Technical Skills Development
    • Best Support and Best Relationship in eLearning Content

Check out G2’s Infosec Flex Review and Infosec IQ Review pages to read what real customers say about us.

Did I mention Madison Magazine ranks Infosec one of the Best Places to Work? It's actually from 2019, but we’re still crowing about it.

Thanks for indulging us as we puff up our chest. Be proud as peacocks. We’re thrilled when peers honor the hard-working Infosec people and our education platforms. But we’ll never lose sight of the real reward we get every day from organizations and security professionals who place their trust in our education platforms.




What should you learn next?

What should you learn next?

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Kristin Zurovitch
Kristin Zurovitch

Director of Corporate Communications, InfoSec Institute