Blockchain security

Rise of cryptocurrency attacks: Inside dark web investigations

Crypto crime is on the rise.

Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and blockchain: The silver bullet for online privacy?

Learn more about decentralized identifiers and the role they play in keeping your privacy and data intact.

Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework: Impacts on digital forensic investigations

A new Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework was recently released. Learn how it may impact cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and digital forensics investigations.

Blockchain and hash functions

Hash functions are cryptographic algorithms designed to protect the integrity of data.  Hash functions have a few useful properties, including: One-way:

What are smart contracts?

What are Smart Contracts Let’s understand what Smart Contracts are using a simple example. Consider the purchase of cookies from a vending machine. The one

Introduction to blockchain consensus algorithms

What is Blockchain A blockchain is a record of digital transactions. It is a distributed software network which can function both as a digital ledger and as

Advanced cryptography in blockchain

Blockchain is Built with Cryptography Blockchain technology is revolutionary.  It provides a completely different way of accomplishing a wide range of tasks

Blockchain alternative distributed ledger architectures

Introduction to Alternative Distributed Ledger Architectures Blockchains are the original distributed ledger architecture, and the creation of blockchain wa

Ethereum vulnerabilities and smart contracts

Introduction to Ethereum-Specific Smart Contract Vulnerabilities Ethereum is the first and most widely-used smart contract platform.  This means that it has

Attacking the blockchain network

The Blockchain Network Infrastructure The blockchain protocol defines a peer-to-peer network of blockchain nodes that communicate with one another to implem