SecurityIQ Awareness Training Library Grows to 1,200+ Resources

March 15, 2018

The latest SecurityIQ update includes five Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) awareness training modules, new microlearning videos and three new languages. You can now access over 1,200 interactive modules, phishing templates and educational reinforcement materials to support your organization’s awareness training program.

Five New CJIS Compliance Modules

Our five new criminal justice information (CJI) training modules will fulfil the awareness training requirement under the CJIS Security Policy. This requirement applies to anyone at your organization handling CJI — the sensitive information gathered by criminal justice and law enforcement agencies. New modules include:

If your employees handle CJI, your organization is also required to track awareness training completion for each employee. SecurityIQ analytics tracks module completion by enrolled learner, making CJIS Security Policy compliance simple.

Now Live! “Is It Safe?” Microlearning Video

We just released the third video in our new microlearning series to help you reach learners with limited time or shorter attention spans. Titled “Is it Safe?”, this one-minute video uses actors, professionally produced scenes and compelling narrative to reinforce the importance of mobile application security. Several other short-format videos will be released throughout 2018.

Other new resources include:

Core Modules Now Available in Russian, Romanian & Polish

Our latest release also includes core training modules in Russian, Romanian and Polish for clients with geographically dispersed teams. Content is both translated and localized, including all text and audio used in the modules.

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