Get "Straight A's" in Your Security Awareness Training Program

May 03, 2023

Building and maintaining a security awareness training program should be as easy as 1-2-3. With the help of the below tools and resources found in our platform, Infosec IQ, you can achieve straight A’s in your training program. Our goal is to help you educate, engage and empower employees to be your A+ cybersecurity assets.


Here’s our "Straight A" curriculum to help you make the grade:


Admin ease-of-use through expert guidance

We understand that security awareness training is just one of your many strategic cybersecurity priorities. That is why we’ve partnered our 20 years of industry experience with compliance frameworks like NIST to create pre-built program plans that enable you to set up months (or even years) of training campaigns in advance. Each program plan covers the fundamental cybersecurity topics and threats your employees could encounter — we even have specific program plans built for different industries.

On day one, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to assist with your security awareness training program. As a Certified Security Awareness Practitioner (CSAP), they will serve as your security awareness training advisor, sharing best practices, benchmarks and guidance to help you build and enhance your program.

This year, we plan on using these best practices to create in-app templates to kickstart and evolve your program based on our client success team’s recommendations. You’ll save valuable time and energy to dedicate to your other various work responsibilities.


Analytics to assess and address risky behaviors

Infosec IQ leverages employee behavior data and training engagement to help organizations build an effective and engaging data-driven training program. The platform comes equipped with pre-built reporting dashboards to help your organization measure employees’ behaviors and trends to show their overall cyber risk level. Different leaders within your organization, such as an individual in HR, may be interested in different reports than your CISO. Regardless of who’s consuming the data, Infosec IQ makes it easy to surface metrics that apply to the right audience by providing you with:Infosec IQ My Dashboards console showing data visualizations.

  • Executive-level reports curated for your leadership team to provide updates, proving the success of your training efforts and highlighting potential risks.
  • Program progress and performance comparisons against industry benchmarks in a single view.
  • Employee and department risk reports and dashboards to better understand your workforce’s strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Security awareness and training data for compliance/audit needs.
  • Training completion reports for department head and/or Human Resources.


These dashboards provide enhanced visibility into your organization’s cyber risk and employee behaviors. Employees are assigned a letter grade based on their security risk derived from 22 behaviors and customizable grading criteria. Positive security behaviors, like reporting suspicious emails and completing training courses, improve the employee’s grade. Risky security behaviors, such as clicking or responding to simulated phishing emails, decrease their grade.


With Infosec IQ’s automation rules, you can group employees by risk scores or organizational attributes (department, role, location, etc.) to organize your awareness program and tailor training for each group.



Automations to streamline training program and learner management

Automate your training efforts and integrate Infosec IQ with your existing tools to save time, leverage existing resources and make security awareness training fit your organization.

To ensure employee information is up-to-date, you can automatically synchronize your organization’s list of employees and attributes with supported user directory environments. During onboarding, your assigned implementation specialist will help you identify and configure the correct integration for your environment. Supported integrations include:

  • On-premises Active Directory
  • Azure AD
  • SCIM
  • API

Once your program is up and running, we can trigger personalized training based on an employee’s performance or risk profile to help reinforce positive security behaviors. Program managers can configure recurring campaigns using dynamic groups that offer rotating content relevant to the employee or what’s happening in today’s world — like sending simulated phishing tests monthly from our Catch of the Week category.

Onboarding your new hires can be streamlined and automated using our pre-built new hire campaign to assign training, distribute your security policy and teach them security best practices within days of starting.

Customers can also use our API to automatically enroll employees in a training or phishing campaign. We have plans to add more endpoints to simplify this process for those in our multi-tenant environment.

To complement our easy-to-use reporting, we made it simple and easy to share your program results with key stakeholders automatically through our dashboard scheduler and API.


Our dashboard scheduler lets you specify which dashboard and/or report to distribute, who you want it sent to and at what cadence. For example, organizations that need to show that employees completed the required training can automatically send a report to human resources.


An array of training content and resources for better learner engagement

Infosec IQ helps reduce the number of security events by making training memorable, relevant and interactive. Training can be personalized based on employee profiles or behaviors to increase learner engagement and positive behavior changes.

The expansive Infosec IQ library offers 2,000+ of the highest quality training resources in different styles, formats and themes in a single platform that can match an organization’s culture, employee learning preferences and local languages. Experiential learning through gamified content, such as the Choose Your Own Adventure series, can help learners better retain information and quickly master new security habits.


Assessments to improve topic retention and cybersecurity culture

Security awareness training helps increase cyber safety and provides employees with the knowledge they need to recognize cyber threats. When done well, security awareness training leads employees to adopt more secure behaviors, decreasing security incidents and keeping the organization cyber-resilient.


Infosec IQ allows you to track retention and improvement over time and identify knowledge gaps that require more attention with our pre-built multiple-choice assessment. We make it easier to gauge your employees’ attitudes and perceptions toward security at your organization with our Cybersecurity Culture Survey. This survey simplifies security culture assessment by automatically aggregating survey results and scores across five domains: confidence, trust, responsibility, engagement and outcomes to help you quantify your employees’ perceptions towards cybersecurity, related policies and security training efforts.



Automate suspicious email reporting to reduce cyber risk

Equip your organization to safely report suspicious emails to your security team with our report phishing button, PhishNotify. This tool reinforces strong security behaviors by providing immediate and positive feedback after an email is reported. This will ultimately increase employees’ confidence and knowledge in identifying threats and turning them into one of your greatest cybersecurity assets. It also enables security teams to respond to cybersecurity events faster, keeping the organization secure from cyber threats.


AI tool to create realistic phishing tests with ease

Not an HTML expert but want to create realistic-looking simulated phishing tests? No problem! Our template editor enables you to build well-formatted emails without any coding skills. All you have to do is drag and drop elements such as text boxes, images, buttons and more into the workspace — you can even use a pre-built email or copy an actual phishing attack using the HTML block.

This tool comes pre-packaged with an AI image generator — saving you the hassle of finding images on your preferred search engine. Type in what you’re looking for, and let our WYSIWYG editor do the rest. In seconds, you will have an incredibly realistic-looking template that you can use for your next simulated phishing test.



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About Infosec:

Infosec is the only security education provider with role-guided training for your entire workforce. Everything we do is focused on the three Es of training: educate, engage and empower. We educate learners using proven learning methodologies. We engage them with fresh, award-winning content matched to their learning styles. We empower everyone, no matter where they are in their cybersecurity journey. From IT and security professionals needing skills development and certifications to employees needing security awareness training to stay cyber-safe at work and home, we have the right training to help you achieve your business objectives.


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