Automate learner management

Manage learners automatically, group by department and deliver the right training to every employee.

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Dynamic groups

Set rules to automatically group employees by department, location, learner grade and more to organize your awareness program and tailor training for each group. Employees move in and out of dynamic groups when they match your defined criteria.

Integrate with Active Directory to automate learner management end-to-end and ensure your training groups are always current.

Active Directory sync

Integrate with your local Active Directory server or Azure AD to sync your employee database with your security awareness training program.

The Infosec IQ Active Directory Synchronizer keeps your employee training list organized and up-to-date so you can group and automate training by department, employee start date and more.

Train new hires automatically

Automatically enroll new employees in our pre-built, new hire campaign to assign training, deliver your security policy and teach them security best-practices within days of starting.

Customize your new hire training campaign to meet your needs and requirements or activate Infosec IQ’s default new hire campaign in seconds.

Learner upload

Upload your employee directory via CSV file or add employees individually to maintain your learner list. Static groups allow you to upload employee department, role, location, manager information and more to personalize training.

Pair static employee uploads with dynamic group criteria to automatically deliver training when an employee’s learner grade drops or indicates they need additional education.

Learner authentication

Enable single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate learner identities before serving training modules and prove each employee completes their own training. If a learner’s SSO credentials do not match their Infosec IQ learner email address, the learner is rejected from the training module.

Infosec IQ connects to any identity provider that supports the SAML 2.0 standard, including Azure Active Directory, Google Suite, OneLogin and more.

Exceptional learning experiences powered by LX Labs cyber expertise

All Infosec IQ security awareness and training resources are infused with LX Labs know-how. Our elite team of cyber experts, learning specialists and creative ninjas blend cybersecurity expertise with right-brain design talent and solid instructional design. It’s what makes our security awareness series like WORKed and Need to Know so engaging and effective.

LX Labs

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