Introducing PhishHunter: Analyze Threats Automatically & Mitigate Attacks Faster

November 16, 2018

If you already use an email reporting tool like PhishNotify™, you know the benefits of having your employees help detect and report suspicious emails to your team. Although a quarantine for all potentially malicious emails is helpful, PhishHunter™ goes one step further by helping you quickly identify real threats and prioritize response.

How PhishHunter Works

PhishHunter automates the time-consuming task of email analysis, transforming your email quarantine from a pool of all employee-reported emails to a prioritized working queue for your response team.

PhishHunter Analyst Console - Score

Step 1: Using our proprietary threat detection tool, PhishHunter analyzes suspicious emails reported by your employees via PhishNotify.

Step 2: After analysis, PhishHunter assigns every email a threat score based on the number and severity of detected threats.

Step 3: PhishHunter organizes your email quarantine, prioritizing the emails with the highest threat score at the top of your inbox.

How to Use PhishHunter

PhishHunter serves as a lightweight SOAR platform to both identify indicators of compromise and help orchestrate your attack response.

Step 1: Your team works from the PhishHunter threat queue to investigate and verify email threats.

Step 2: PhishHunter sanitizes every email so your team can safely evaluate each individual email component.

Step 3: Your team can manually increase the threat score for any specific email component to train the PhishHunter algorithm to identify persistent threats targeting your organization.

Step 4: Use our API to automate your attack response by inputting IoCs such as IP addresses, URLs and domains into your security tools to stop attacks in progress and block future attempts

How to Get Started

SecurityIQ clients may preview their PhishHunter console directly within their account. For complete access, contact your Client Success Manager or request a free trial below.

If you are not a SecurityIQ client, register for a free account and try PhishHunter free for 30 days.

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