Infosec Skills release: Team administration and new learning features

October 07, 2019

Team administration has been added to Infosec Skills, as well as two new features to enhance learning paths: hands-on projects and integration with the Infosec Community. Windows 10 Host Security and NIST Cybersecurity Framework learning paths were also added, bringing the total number of Infosec Skills courses to over 450.

New team training tools

Team administration makes it easy to manage your organization’s Infosec Skills licenses. You can assign licenses individually or in bulk, send reminder emails to your team and monitor your active, pending and open licenses — all from one page.

Infosec Skills team administration

To learn more about Infosec Skills’ team training features and get group pricing, request a quote.

Build your skills with hands-on projects

Hands-on projects help you test your skills and gain practical experience. Download the project files, watch the walkthrough video and apply the knowledge you learned to solve challenges and build your confidence.

Four new hands-on projects were recently released, including projects for two new learning paths:

  • Windows 10 Host Security, which contains 13 courses and a project focused on building your skills around protecting hosts both in SOHO and enterprise environments
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which contains seven courses and a project designed to teach you how to use the framework to assess an organization's cybersecurity risk as well as implement or improve a cybersecurity program

Get training advice directly from your peers

Getting training and career advice from thousands of your peers is now just a click away in Infosec Skills. We’ve integrated the Infosec community into each learning path so you can easily get peer support related to your learning goals.

Join the Infosec Community, one of the largest IT and security certification forums on the web.

Other improvements

A number of other small enhancements were made to Infosec Skills, including:

  • Changes to improve navigation from the Infosec Skills menu and within cyber ranges
  • Changes to better track your content in the “My learning in progress” section on your home page
  • New skill assessments were added and a variety of custom practice exam questions were updated

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills Product Roadmap.

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